Geoff Lawton’s Next Video – Permaculture in Micro Spaces

One common trap that I see play out over and over and over again with people new to permaculture is what I call an monocular view.   Or a one dimensional view.  They see a desert project and so permacultureis for deserts, or they see a project in the tropics and feel it is only for where bananas can be grown.

In the case of Geoff’s recent videos two views like this came to a head from this audience, they seem to be.

1.  Permaculture and Geoff’s designs are only for large properties

2.  All permaculture designs are based on large swales and multiple ponds

The problem with that view is it doesn’t really grasp that Permaculture is a design science, the techniques are more like paint, the land like canvas.  Each artist must design his work based on the canvas he is given (land) and the paints he chooses and the final image he wishes to create within those limits.

Can this be scaled down to a suburban lot?  You bet and in ways that almost make you want to live on a small land holding!  Geoff’s newest video will focus on that, below is the trailer for it.

If you have seen the other videos you will get an email when this one goes live.  If you have yet to see the others you can sign up for free access to them at this link,

This will be the 4th video in the series and I have to say I continue to be blown away at the quality of production and information in all of them.

8 Responses to Geoff Lawton’s Next Video – Permaculture in Micro Spaces

  1. Pretty exciting Jack. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Geoff is kicking ass.

  3. I agree, Jack. I can’t believe they are free. The last few weekends it has been the highlight of my weekend. I haven’t waited in anticipation of the newest episode on something since Star Trek: TNG when I was a kid.

    His PDFs are great too. He even added a video to the last show with followup answers to the questions people were asking about it. I hope he does a video soon on designing a polyculture kitchen garden. Maybe the video this weekend will contain that.

    • Modern Survival

      I am going to have him on TSP again very soon too. Not this Monday but the next one.

  4. wow, speechless after the promo video.

  5. I’m Soooo Excited About this Video.

  6. The garden featured in this video is amazing. Here is Angelo’s blog for all of you who are interested Deep Green Permaculture

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    See ya later