GBTV Needs a HAM Radio Expert

Update – I am officially booked and will be on GBTV tomorrow with Glenn, additionally they have found a HAM for the segment.

It looks like I may be going back on GBTV tomorrow for an interview with Glenn Beck.  If so we will be driving down to Dallas in the early morning for it.  The producer has asked me if I might also be able to recommend a HAM radio operator to be on the show.

This person needs to be able to be available tomorrow between about 2PM and 6PM and able to go in studio in the Dallas area.  If you can help out with this please get in touch with me by email at jack at and I will forward your info on to the producer.

The are basically simply looking for someone to explain what a HAM radio is and demonstrate how it works.   I could actually do that but as I am not a licensed HAM (yes I know I should add that to my skill set) I don’ t feel it would be appropriate for me to present the material and essentially make and illegal communication.

Anyone who may be media shy should know that the staff of GBTV have been completely professional with me the entire time.  I don’t think anything here is being sensationalized and you know me if I did I would not be involved with it.

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  1. If they need a HAM.
    Gordon West (WB6NOA) is the best person.
    He is nationally known, an instructor at all levels, but most of all he can talk to any level of the public about the subject.
    He does the HAM NATION video and audio podcast for Leo Laport (the nationally sindacated radio show).
    I will give him a call to see if he can come on via SKYPE.

  2. I am new to the club but the lead testing guy at this Carrollton club is sharp and could explain things on a non tech level. Sorry I do not have a name. He is also a scout master.

  3. Matthew in Gooseneck Ga

    Sir will you be able to put your interview on TSP? I do not subscribe to GBTV but would like to see your segment.

  4. Shannon B Tanner

    Have him call Art Bell, he’s retired in NV and I’m sure he would love to come on and talk about Ham, there is prolly no one in the country that knows as much about Ham as he does

  5. Is this show posted somewhere?

  6. Cool! I’m looking forward to it. Should be an exellent show, right up there with the one with Ted Nugent. 🙂 I have watched their Independence USA program, but they really could use a Jack SPirko series of “Helping You Live the Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don’t”. Ind. USA is waay over the top for the average person.

    I do subscribe to the channel, BUT you can sign up for a 14 day free trial.

  7. Congratulations Jack this sounds pretty good

  8. Orion Hypnosis Group

    My Wife & I are both Lic. Hams.
    We were members of emergency services at one time.
    She has a Tech Lic. I hold the Extra Class Lic.
    I worry that if some power takes control of our country, and hits the internet kill switch,and shuts off the phones, then WE might be locked up in a FEMA camp to keep us quite and off the air.(As Radio operators were in Germany WW2)
    I am thinking about renewing my lic. this year or maybe we should let them expire, and stay off the list of Hams and have no radio transmitters on our property????I haven’t decided yet.
    Orion, Hot Springs Ar.

  9. Orion Hypnosis Group

    Opps Left out the important part. LOL We are not available tomorrow, or I would be glad to help. I ‘ll bet Gordon West (WB6NOA) would jump at it!

  10. Jack Spirko + GBTV + ham radio = excellent show

  11. Sweet so that’s 2 shows? I wish I had GBTV. look forward to possibly seeing the shows online if they allow you to distribute them. Have a safe trip.

  12. I’ll be watching! Awesome.

  13. We will be watching. GBTV is a bargain considering all the real news you get. We
    really like it. Keep Glenn and his family and staff in your prayers.

  14. Ahh, Jack you blew them away with your final statement! Awesome job, just wished they would have let you have more time to speak. I personally also agree with Glenn’s last statement, read the Bible. If you want a great read pick up a copy of The Harbinger, by Cahn. Old Testament prophecy paralleling today, you decide.

  15. Excellent job on the Glenn Beck show last night! Thanks for all of the info you provide us with…. I’ve learned a ton!

  16. Good Job of Glen’s show.

  17. rich hutchins

    There is a free segment of Jack on GBTV available to non-subscribers at: It may be same as the blaze link above, i haven’t watched the other one yet.

  18. Doug Gibson

    Hello my friend I’ve heard a lot of talk about Ham radio lately and thought I would take a shot at helping out in a way , if possible. I have a booklet here from the Texas sate guard on training one to use the Ham radio & I think it would helpful to the listeners to maybe post it on your web site . If your interested , e-mail me @ and I will happily send it your way so maybe more people will have a source of knowledge to get their Ham radio license Thank you for your time and keep up the great work ! Hope to hear from you soon . THANKS !!! Doug Gibson


    up the great work ,