Episode-92- Gas Prices Fall – So Does the Economy

I decided after doing a bit of checking into some of the latest economic news that it was time for another show on the future of our economy.  Yes gas prices are down but the reason behind it and the reality of most other economic indicators is quite troubling.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Why gas will soon be 1.40-1.50 a gallon but that really isn’t good news
  • The reality for the global economy such as Germany is in the worst recession in the last 12 years
  • The real reason GM, Ford and Chrysler are in trouble, it ain’t bad loan, well not just bad loans
  • The 586 Billion yuan (The Chinese Dollar) bail out in China, is it a better deal then our our own, YES IT IS!
  • While we bail out the banks and raise taxes the Chinese are cutting taxes and building roads like Dwight Eisenhower, really its’ true!
  • The staggering real cost of bail outs this year alon
    • The big bail out the congress approved is really 850 billion not 700 billion
    • The Bear Sterns bail out was 30 billion
    • The AIG take over has now doubled to 150 billion
    • Freddy and Fannie combined for another 200 billion
    • The fed pumped in 245 billion to “unstick” the commerical paper market
    • The fed then pumped in another 540 billion to “unstick” the money markets
    • 2008 Bail out total 2.15 TRILLION and Counting, 25 Billion to the auto industry, etc, etc.
  • The congress is now discussing tax increases for all of us not just “the rich”
  • No Obama being elected is NOT why gas prices are dropping, DOLTS!

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