Gary Vaynerchuk is Coming, An MSB Discount and More

Just a few announcements about some things that are up and coming or currently going on at TSP.

1.  The long awaited Gary Vaynerchuk interview will be conducted on Tuesday afternoon (March 1st) and will air on Wednesday morning.  Gary is honestly world famous as a master of marketing and building businesses in the modern world.  I am bringing Gary on to talk about building both a business and a “personal brand” as a way to create greater self sufficiency in today’s world.  Make no mistake even if you never want to own a business “personal brand”, even for employees, will grow in importance as technology continues to evolve.

The first time I heard about Gary a business colleague sent me his presentation from the Web 2.0 Expo in NY from a few years back, he blew me away.  Warning Gary uses what we call “adult language” and plenty of it, even compared to me.  Here is his presentation, this almost made me walk out of my own office and quit working for a company I owned the first time I saw it.   Gary Vaynerchuk at the Web 2.0 Expo.  Further warning I do not plan to ask Gary to censor his speech in any way during his interview, translation next Tuesday’s episode will be “explicit”.

2.  Right now I am running a special for the Members Brigade.  From now until Feb 28th you can get your first year of the MSB for only 30 dollars, that is a discount of 20 dollars on your first year.  Keep in mind that a few benefits alone exceed the value of the MSB for instance you get a free lifetime membership to Safecastle Royal’s discount buyers club (a 29 dollar value) and a free Preferred Membership from Western Botanicals (a 50 dollar value).  So those two benefits alone are worth 79 dollars.

Keep in mind there are over 25 total discounts available, along with over 100 dollars worth of free eBooks and some other great benefits.  To get this discount just visit the members page and use the discount code “positive” between now and Feb 28 and get your first year for only 30 dollars.

3.  On March 7th Steve Palmer president of will be appearing as a guest on TSP to discuss the innovative storage systems offered by along with prepping in general.  ShelfReliance is the source of “The Food Rotation System”, or FRS, which is designed with the idea that you store what you eat and eat what you store. By keeping familiar items on hand, you’re better able use your food storage should you have to rely on it in an emergency. The FRS also saves you money because you are no longer throwing out old food storage that has expired.

We will be discussing food storage, current economic concerns and other interesting topics with Steve and it should be a great interview.

4.  Many of you have asked about the status of our move (AKA the big bug out) to Arkansas.  So I figured I would update everyone here.  About 25% of our “stuff” has been moved to the Arkansas homestead and I have even been up there sowing cover crops to help me get some production out of my first year at the new place full time.  We have another 25% of our stuff that we are donating and giving away as I type this.

We have paint and carpet bids on the Arlington home and have selected the folks to do that work.  We should be all but moved out by March 15 with a target to be fully in Arkansas and the home listed for sale absolutely no later than March 31.  The joy I feel in this, despite the work left to do (we actually have too much redundancy at this point) is unbelievable.

I  have received several inquires about mailing things to us, some gifts and some business stuff like those that join the MSB by mail. For now our shipping address in Arlington is the way to go.  I have still have yet to secure a PO Box in Arkansas, as of course we will not be making our physical address publicly known.  Rest assured we will have our mail forwarded when the time is right and you can simply ship items to our current shipping address until we change it on our order form.

I would once again like to thank the entire audience for your continued support of the show and our work.  While some time we may spar in the blog comments and disagree I have a true dedication to you all that I can’t put into words.  All I can say is thank you to each of you and know those words will never be sufficient in truly conveying my feelings for all of you.

9 Responses to Gary Vaynerchuk is Coming, An MSB Discount and More

  1. Hey Jack, I can’t wait to hear your interview with Gary Vaynerchuk. I first heard about him from you. Between the two of you I felt like you did and wanted to tell my employer right then and there that I quit. Thankfully I didn’t but I’m working on it. Every time I start feeling like I’m not getting anywhere I listen to you two or reread Crush It! again and I’m good to go. Will you be asking him about his new book?

  2. I’m bugging out somewhere in remote Oregon at a location I will call Bug Out Wilderness, in the Bug Out National Forest, near Bug Out Meadow, along Bug Out River, and the tributary Bug Out Spring which flows as Bug Out Creek, in Bug Out County, with the closest town being Bug Out, Oregon. 😉

    • Ahh, envious! 4-6 years more for me; then I too will probably bug out somewhere in Oregon born and raised here and gonna lay to rest here too. 🙂

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  4. Jack, I’m in the process of getting my house painted. After getting the bids and doing the math, I’m doing it myself. For the cheapest bid, I can buy top quality paint, a professional paint spraying system and everything else I need for less than half of what the bid was. I just can’t justify paying that much for what will be 4 days of work for me.

  5. Modern Survival

    @Tim I got a bid for 1800 dollars to fully paint a 2000 SF home including the trim along with painting my outdoor shed. At that price I can’t afford to do it myself as my painting skill is far from professional. If I were painting it for me I’d do it myself but my goal is to quickly sell my property.

  6. I wish I could have gotten mine bid for cheaper. I have a 770 square foot home and the bids were $1800, $2400 and $3000. Part of that might have been the fact that the house is all wood siding and I insist on bonded and insured contractors to work on my house.

  7. Here are a couple of things I would be interested in hearing Gary’s answers to:

    1 – Laying a foundation for a successful business: We’ve heard the stories of how Gary’s father started up what became Wine Library, and Gary succeeded by building off the foundation of what his father established. When an aspiring entrepreneur is starting with NO foundational structure, what would be his answer on how to successfully lay that foundation for future growth (whether it be for one’s self, or for one’s children).

    2 – Gary often talks about DNA. What I’ve always wondered is; if your DNA is something other than that of an entrepreneur, (like say… an artist) how would he suggest to go about harnessing that business savvy instinct to successfully created a small (or large) business (like say… an art studio).

    3 – Not sure if Gary knows of Seth Godin’s book called “The Dip” but I was wondering if he’d have any suggestions or advice for a start up that is currently experiencing “The Dip”… or that point in the curve where things get REALLY TOUGH when most people quit, right before the part on the curve when you reap the rewards of your toil. Obviously persistence is key. Anything else?

  8. Wow, been listening to the podcast for a couple of months now and finally came to the website this morning and am super impressed. I was also completely excited to see that you are having Gary V on as I have been following him for years. Needless to say seeing the website/Gary V this morning has solidified my interest. Way to go, your content is great and your delivery is above most, keep it up.