Episode-182- Gardening is Patriotic Our Nation is a Net Importer of Food

In 1970 our nation first became a net importer of oil, join today’s show as I discuss the parallel of this event and its’ impact over 30 years to the fact that the US just became a net importer of food in early 2008.  Join me today as we discuss…

  • The US, The UK, China, Japan, India and Malaysia are now all Net Food Importers
  • How our conversion to a net food importer is very similar to our status as a net oil importer
  • How oil imports started climbing in the 50s and then outweighed native production by 1990
  • Exactly what do Patriotism and Gardening have to do with each other
  • How a food deficit is far worse then an oil deficit
  • What people are doing with 500 dollar houses in Detroit
  • The lesson from the Soviet Union and what happened when they killed the farmers
  • Why we don’t have to let this final global dependence happen to our nation and why we need to take action
  • Spreading gardening and permaculture to your neighborhood
  • The loss of gardening as a true skill
  • What we can learn about food production from the tragic history of U.S. Manufacturing and Oil Production
  • How loosing our ability to feed ourselves could take away the last of our autonomy in the Global market place
  • If your grandparents, great grandparents and parents did this, so can we
  • How we used to feed the world and why it matters

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7 Responses to Episode-182- Gardening is Patriotic Our Nation is a Net Importer of Food

  1. Hi Jack,

    Interesting podcast today. I was wondering your thoughts on your neighbor to the north. You mention Venezuela and the middle east, but Canada has more resources and supplies the US with more imports then both of those areas combined in terms of oil and energy.

    How do you think relations between Canada and the US will change and how does that effects survivalists on both sides of the border?

    Brad from Canada

  2. I’m really surprised that neither you, nor anyone on the forum (not yet at least) suggested the ol’ Louisville Slugger as the ideal home-defense weapon for the firearm-deprived. A baseball bat (or a pool stick), or a similar household item would make an ideal home defense weapon, as it is both effective and immediately recognizable by a potential assailant. Also, it requires no special training, so if an untrained spouse needs to, she can still wield it effectively. It also costs next to nothing–easy to find and buy–and requires zero maintenance and is easy to replace.

    Most importantly, perhaps, is that such an item would be seen as an “every day” item, or common and obvious choice for home defense by law enforcement or a jury, if it ever came to that. As an attorney, I’d much rather defend the husband who protected his family by bashing a burglar with a bat, than the nutcase who cut off some intruder’s hand (or head) with a $2,000 razor-sharp katana. Imagine the civil damages that the perp could ask for!

    Honestly, I was with you 100% when you suggested selecting a “hunting” shotgun for home defense over something more tactical-looking, just an episode ago. It really blew my mind when you then suggested a samurai sword. You’re defending a home, not going to war on a 16th century field of battle. Think of the mess you’d make on your rugs!!

    All kidding aside, thanks for the show and keep up the good work.

  3. I wonder though about the high percentage of food that is wasted in this country. I am often aghast as what people throw away – possibly as much as 1/3. Should times get truely tough perhaps there would be much less wastage and less food imported.

  4. Numerous mention of grandparents wisdom is made on the TSP, I wonder how many who have grandparents with self-reliant skills have ever inquired about them? I was telling a 20-yr old recently that instead of eating that candy bar he should boil up some nettles and eat them. He laughed and thought it ludicrous to eat “sting weed”. What would it take to get people interested in basic “live-off-the-land” skills from their parents/grandparents?

  5. I was inspired by the Dervaes family a couple years ago and have turned my 1/4 acre lot into a mini-farm. I even have 6 laying hens. I have since inspired one neighbor to have chickens and the other to grow vegetables. Today I started taking over the front lawn with an herb garden and gathered the confidence to show my neighbor my food storage and talk to her about prepping. Here in Hurricane country (FL) it is just plain smart. I think I made an impression. Thanks for inspiring me to get the word out and not hide!

  6. Just wanted to add weight to your \"it\’s not a conspiracy theory\"
    I took the Biointensive Farming class in 2003 up in Willits, CA. (produce calorie crops in 100sq ft to feed your family) Great Class! The first day they used USDA Charts of population growth, food consumption, water consumption,food produced & top soil loss by conventional farming, to show that by the year 2035 the earth won\’t be able to produce the food needed for the population at that time(all USA gov\’t #\’s). We will be fighting over food and water not oil etc… I went home sick to my stomach over the finality of that information… very eye opening!!
    2nd Point: One of the major news media had a schpeal on large businesses buying up water rights. I can\’t remember the business person they were talking to, but they said they realized that soon that was going to be what people were going to need… and we are going to have to buy it from them…
    Your show definitely is right on track and not just a \"conspiracy theory\".
    Thanks for the info! I was wondering what the patriotic garden was!

  7. Louisiana Suvivor

    so i was listening to the podcast while eating a banana and i wondered where it came from…..

    Product of Guatemala……i feel sick. a real eye opener. great show jack!