Episode-2032- Planning Your Future When the Future is Uncertain

We talk a lot about what I call “lifestyle design” around here.  When people hear that term they get the general idea, because the words are common.

  • Lifestyle – The way in which a person lives.
  • Design – Purpose, planning, intention and thought behind an action.

So lifestyle design means to put purpose, planning, intention and thought into how you live your life.  So yep people generally get the basic concept, what people usually struggle with though is designing a lifestyle for today that is resilient for tomorrow.

I think we have all had those moments, we are happy, really happy with our life as it is, then one or two things change and we are off the rails.  Sometimes these are external factors like a job loss.  Other times they are internal factors sticking with employment perhaps we realize we hate our jobs but hey it pays the bills.

Those are only two examples, and no one can plan for everything but today things are even more complicated.  We all know the next few decades will have more flux in them than anything man kind has yet to experience.  AI and automation will replace thousands of jobs, economic reality will be hitting hard for many governments and technology gaps will make finding jobs harder than ever.

Join Me Today to Discuss How to Plan For an Uncertain Future

  • Major shifts are coming in
    • Education
    • Technology
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation
    • Everything
  • What has always worked will still likely work
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Adaptability and Flexibility
    • Hunting/Gathering/Growing
    • A solid conservative to risk balance
    • Saving
  • The basics of lifestyle design
    • Define the goals
    • Define the steps to get there honestly with yourself
    • Prioritize the steps
    • Begin taking action
  • If it is that simple, why don’t more people do it
    • It requires sacrifice
    • It requires honest with yourself
    • It requires taking responsibility for where you are
    • It requires the courage to do what most wont
  • Final thoughts;

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3 Responses to Episode-2032- Planning Your Future When the Future is Uncertain

  1. lasttexascowboy

    Have you ever been to a church and felt like the preacher was preaching to you like he knew your situation? That was this episode to me this morning. Thanks Jack. GOD spoke thru you this morning. Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. Mike Thorpe

    So far on my listen…this is a great one. I work in post production in film and video and I’m seeing this daily. Technology is rapidly changing. I’m witnessing the death of a tape format before my very eyes.

  3. For some reason I had not thought about the difference of being self employed and an entrepreneur. Makes total sense. I have heard about buying yourself a job/business. Probably from you. Great show!