FSP & TSP 2013 Liberty Forum Contest

Free State Project and The Survival Podcast 2013 Liberty Forum Contest

What is it ?

The Free State Project is proud to provide fans of Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast with a chance to win a ticket to attend the 2013 Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH Feb 21st – 24th.

Now in its 6th year, Liberty Forum is New Hampshire’s premier liberty-oriented conference. It has developed a reputation for drawing together people of diverse backgrounds from across the Northeast and beyond for the purpose of discussing strategies to reduce government interference in our lives and build a better society through business, the arts, volunteer work. etc.

What are the Prizes?

  • Grand Prize is a VIP Ticket to Liberty forum that includes passes to all of the speeches and meals, VIP ‘perks’ and you’ll get to sit with Jack and Dorothy at the Saturday Night Dinner.
  • First place gets you a regular ticket (still includes passes to all of the speeches and meals) and you’ll get to dine with Jack and Dorothy at the Friday Night Dinner.
  • Second Place is a regular ticket (speeches and meals) and who knows, you might run into Jack or other TSP listeners at the hotel bar. (Jack’s Comment – You absolutely will run into us at the hotel bar and elsewhere if you are there, contest winner or not)


Donate any amount $10.00 or more to a cause/charity of your choice. That could be something featured on The Survival Podcast such as Bella Medical Ministries or any cause that you believe will do something positive with your money. The charity does not need to be 501(c)3 recognized.  All we ask is that the amount you donate is above and beyond what you would have done if you were not entering the contest.

After you’ve donated, email libertyforum@freestateproject.org with the word Community in the subject line. In the email include the amount you donated, the name of the charity. your name, address and phone number.

Each person may only enter once.

All entries must be submitted by midnight eastern time on January 14th.  The winner will be contacted by the Free State Project and have their first name and town announced on the Survival Podcast.

2 Responses to FSP & TSP 2013 Liberty Forum Contest

  1. Ramsey Addition

    I joined the state a bit ago. i originally felt that they overlooked some members and cut them a bit short due to the state’s size. as time went on, and the state began to change its policies following a scandal, i was admittedly reluctant to accept their changes because i was nearly convinced that the change was a PR stunt. there is still a lot of evidenc that supports that theory, but today there’s no denying that the state deserves respect and admiration and deserves remaining a part of. so far i am happy with their efforts but only time will tell if that holds. the only thing that concerns me is their hostility towards some members, but i think thats mostly part of the transition process and lack of understanding between the partis. despite the few remaining issues i have with the state, i have to my hat off to them and what they’ve done because i did not think much of what theyve done was even possible