Free Stuff, MSB Updates and More

Just a quick reminder as to how much awesome stuff we have going on for your guys right now.

1.  Contests and Give Aways

  • You can Win 500 Rounds of Free Ammo from, winners will be chosen on Nov. 30th so you have plenty of time left to try and win.  Just blog about and/or follow them on Facebook to get entered.  Full Details Here
  • We are giving away over 750 dollars worth of SOE Gear (12 Cobra Rigger Belts) on Tuesday the 16th and Friday the 19th.  Make sure to tune in those days and take a shot at winning one of them.  Full Details Here
  • The Berkey Guy will be giving away a free Berkey System in December, so stay tuned for that one.
  • I have updated the Listener Contest Page with a “How to Play” section.  This should make the contests go much faster on the air then in the past.

2.  New MSB Benefits and Updates

  • BulkAmmo – is now giving away one free ammo can with all purchases of more than 200 dollars.  This offer is while supplies last (until they run out of cans).  The cans sell for 10 bucks and they already offer ammo at some of the lowest prices on the internet so this is a great deal.  They also have ammo in stock and ship very quickly.  Details and the discount code are already posted to the “Benefits” page of the Members Brigade.
  • – is now offering 50 cents of of each Tea Party Silver Round, the really cool new divisible ones.  I know 50 cents may not seem like a huge discount but in the world of precious metals margins are very thin, so this is a nice offer by our great long time sponsor on their most popular item to date.
  • I have just updated the Zip File archive in the MSB with all older TSP episodes.  Zip files are now current up to episode 549
  • I just redesigned the Benefits Page, all vendors are listed at the top in a simple table just by name for easy viewing.  Clicking on the vendor name will pull up the details of their offer.  This should make the discounts easier and more convenient to use, vs. the long list approach we had before.
  • All the eBooks are now on the Download Page of the MSB (over 100 dollars in value alone).  I figured it made more sense for them to be there than on the Benefits page since of course you download them.

3.  What’s Coming from TSP in 2011

  • As you know we are moving to Arkansas to our BOL permanently.  I am sure it will cause some hiccups in the first few weeks but our lives will be remarkably simplified after the move.  Dorothy will also quit her job at that point and join me as a full time part of TSP.  One of her main responsibilities will be setting up interviews for me, so many more interview shows in 2011.
  • The move to the BOL will provide incredible opportunities for video work as we modify the area and set up systems, etc.  So tons of video will be coming in the future.
  • With new freedom will come freedom to be more accessible.  I will be doing a variety of events and personal appearances in 2011 and will try to make it to at least each major region of the country during 2011.
  • The very long awaited 22 Rifle Book should be done before Christmas, sorry for the delay but with all the goings on it got back burnered for a bit.
  • I plan to be at a variety of Appleseed Shoots in 2011, the people at Appleseed have been just awesome and have really promoted TSP, I want to give back to them.  I may even make a shoot in Dec, but it isn’t highly likely with everything we have going at the moment between now and the holidays.
  • Another thing Dorothy will be doing is taking her more than 24 years of nursing experience and turning it into a variety of eBooks on first aid.  She will also be doing up documentation for several different levels of first aid and first responder kits.  These will be all made available free to MSB members and be sold at a small price to non members.

Well that’s it for today, I will keep working on making TSP better for all listeners and making the MSB more valuable to all MSB supporters.  We now have 25 supporting vendors that offer discounts to MSB members.  I am working to add at least 3 more by years end.

Thanks so much to everyone that listens to and shares the Podcast with others.  Remember always, “The Revolution is You”

~ Jack

5 Responses to Free Stuff, MSB Updates and More

  1. Totally awesome, Jack!

  2. I really like the idea of Dorothy being kind enough to do the ebooks on first aid for members. Thanks much!

  3. Funny how we are all going to benefit from your move! Looking forward to the changes! Thanks!

  4. Jack, you have become a daily part of our lives. I download your podcasts to my ipod and listen to you everyday while I walk dogs. Ed listens to your podcasts also and is so impressed on how much information you have to offer. You are truly amazing. God Bless you. Your energy is awesome. I look forward to your plans for 2011, and I have no doubt Dorothy will be great. Wow !

    Thanks for all you do, we sure appreciate it and are learning tons.


  5. Hi Jack, I’ve been a survivalist for many, many years and I’ve got to say your pod casts are a light to all of us who didn’t care to try and convince others what we were seeing on how the way things were going. I listen to them every day some times ther’re a little off what I think but by far and away I’m with your way of thinking. You’ve given to me at least, a format to approach other people with a suggestion on ways to plan for the future “just in case” of a SHTF. Most people truly do live hand to mouth and day to day. I grew up in Oregon living with my grandmother and gathering summer produce and canning for the winter was a way of life. We cooked with a wood stove and heated with a wood furnace, a way of life I really didn’t like at the time but I sure do appreciate those lessons I learn back then now.