Free Silver Eagles for MSB Members

I just spot to Bob Griswold over at Ready Made Resources a long time show sponsor with a great assortment of gear for preppers.   I have been asking Bob to come up with something special for to support the Members Brigade and he came up with a program that has totally exceeded my expectations.

I mean if you are a prepper you probably make Mountain House Foods part of your storage right?  You probably want silver to hedge against inflation with as well or for use as a barter item if it comes to that right?  Well what if every time you purchased a case of Mountain House cans it showed up with a shinny new American Silver Eagle?  Wouldn’t that be great?  Well now if you are in the MSB you can get that deal over and over again with no limit.

It works like this, MSB Members now have a special code in on the benefits page of your private area.  Log in there and get the code, when you order any full case of Mountain House #10 Cans (that means a case of any single item not making up your own case with individual units) you get a free American Silver Eagle.  Good deal right?  Hold on I am not done yet!  There is no limit to this offer, you buy one case you get one Silver Eagle, you buy ten cases you get ten Eagles and it keeps going.  If you are really going to stock up and buy 20 cases you get 20 ounces of free silver to go with it.

This is just awesome and Bob will be keeping it available as long as the price of silver stays low enough to do so.  When it goes up we talked about doing something like buy three cases get two Eagles but right now it is one for one.  This means you are buying food and getting silver for investing and bartering for free.  Ready Made Resources occasionally does this with a sale for a limited time only or for the first month when they launch a new advertising campaign again with a time limit.  For MSB though this is an ongoing benefit.  Order what you want, when you need it and still get free silver every time.

This alone makes it a great idea to join the MSB and remember between now and Halloween you can get your first year for only 30 dollars using the discount code “copper”.  Check out this new benefit and all the great benefits you get by supporting the show as a member of the support brigade and consider joining if you have not already done so.  I have committed to continuously improving the value of the MSB, this is just another great example of that.

So you get Ready Made Resources already great prices on Mountain House Cases and free silver to go with it, what’s not to love.

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6 Responses to Free Silver Eagles for MSB Members

  1. I’ve been holding off on joining the MSB until I get out of debt (about 2 months away) but this is absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to join!

  2. The MSB benefits page says that this only applies to cases of Mountain House foods, which I didn’t see mentioned above. Not that it is a problem, just wanted people to be aware. This is a great deal! Thank you very much to both Jack and Ready Made Resources!

  3. Modern Survival

    @cpf240 Second paragraph, second sentence,

    “any full case of Mountain House #10 Cans”

    I think the note in the brackets might make it easy to miss, anyway I added

    “So you get Ready Made Resources already great prices on Mountain House Cases and free silver to go with it, what’s not to love.” to the end. I may go back and strengthen the intro too.

  4. Modern Survival

    @cpf240 okay I added a bit more information to make it more clear. Thanks for your assistance on this man!

  5. Thanks for the clarification Jack, either I missed it, or my browser ate it… yeah… that’s it…

  6. Jack, I joined MSB simply because I wanted to provide the support necessary to keep you doing what you’re doing. I heard something about member benefits but didn’t care much at the time. Since then, as you continue to add significant benefits, it’s as though being a MSB Member means finding magic beans in your mailbox unexpectedly every few weeks. That’s pretty darned cool.

    Also, I recently bought a case of bacon&eggs [(6)#10 cans, =96 serving] from this sponsor and they had it on my doorstep promptly and exactly as advertised. 25 year shelf life; Yea baby!