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Title: Cornbread Surprise
Post by: Redman on June 04, 2018, 07:22:33 AM
Wife used to have containers of flour, cornmeal, rice, Zatarains Seasoned Fish Fry and sugar sitting on the kitchen countertop.

One day I decided to make cornbread. I was ready to add the cornmeal so I looked at each container, cornmeal and Zatarains, I can't really tell the difference. Taste, I don't know which is which. I pick one and go on with the recipe. Cook the cornbread. The taste was Hmmm, what did I put in this. Spicy and sweet, I use a good amount of sugar in it. Taste wasn't bad at all, really kind of good. Made a nice change.

I haven't done that again but sitting here I can see a 7lb. jar of Zatarains Season Fish Fry and the old brain box starts working. It's going to happen again soon.