Episode-2305- Food Storage for those that Don’t Live On Carbs

Expert council member and long time TSP community member Chef Keith Snow joins us today to discuss food storage beyond rice, beans, potatoes and pasta.  Sure these staples are cheap and easy to store but if you cannot or don’t want top live on them what’s the alternative?

Many TSP folks who prep follow low carb or paleo diets and the rice and beans approach presents a problem for folks that want to store 1-3 months or more of food at any given time.

Recently due to some health issues Chef Keith tried a vegan approach to his diet, after only 5 months he realized it was not the solution he had hoped for.  He soon came back to a more meat and fat based diet.  In doing so he has examined food storage from that view point and joins us today to talk about what he has learned.

Chef Keith has been a professional chef in top restaurants and is classically trained in high end culinary arts.  He is also a down to earth guy that knows how to make a simple but awesome grilled burger.  He has now taken that background and married it to a more paleo lifestyle for preppers.  Keith joins us today to discuss his journey and results.

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5 Responses to Episode-2305- Food Storage for those that Don’t Live On Carbs

  1. Justice W Kelly

    Thank you for this episode…  It has been a struggle.  On one hand I have the preps, but the old rice, wheat and bean staples plus dehydrated goods.  This helps fill in the other end of the spectrum of stored goods, and things I am looking to use more than the carbo load.

  2. Where is the link to the 2500 duck video?

  3. Canned mackerel is another fish that’s full of healthy oils, and it’s usually very inexpensive too. We don’t use it much in this country, but there are lots of recipes on line. This is one I’ve made that would adapt very well to making with all preps, as the writer notes:
    Fried sardines are terrific! I don’t even use the parchment like Alex; just turn them gently. They are great on a big salad. Their own oil, often nicely seasoned or flavored, does for cooking and also for making a quick dressing for the salad.

  4. Elisha Monger D.C.

    Keith Snow, I would very much recommend finding a good upper cervical chiropractor for your son. I use NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) Technique in my practice and it does have good success with seizures. NUCCA.org has a search option for finding a Doctor in your area.

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