Episode-222- Food Storage, Famland and New Currencies

Today is sort of a free wheeling show.  I discuss three main topics including money moving to buy farmland, the alliance of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) nations for a new currency and basic food storage for new survivalists

  • Getting Started with Emergency Food Storage – Starting with the philosophy of “store what you eat and eat what you store”.  Then we expand on building a basis with low cost long term storables from the supermarket.  From there into adding in true long term storage foods such as Mountain House, etc.
  • Next up is this BRIC Nations – Join me as I discuss the actions of Brazil, Russia, India and China as they plan for a new global currency basis.  I also analyze why this alliance makes sense and why we should be figuring out how to deal with the results because they are coming.
  • The final topic today is farmland investing – George Soros and Jim Rodgers are pumping money into buying farmland.  The meaning?  Food shortages are all but assured in the future.  However, I have a compelling case for why this investment COULD backfire if they don’t evaluate land management techniques if the play is designed for long term holding.

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6 Responses to Episode-222- Food Storage, Famland and New Currencies

  1. I don’t know much about Brazil either, but I do know they have a growing technological base. Embraer, a big regional plane manufacturer is based there.

  2. Modern Survival

    @Mark, They are also home to the most advanced and largest Ford manufacturing facility in the world. The one Ford wanted to build here but couldn’t afford to due to UAW issues. We are really screwing ourselves and most people just don’t see it and want to blame everyone except ourselves.

  3. I dont know that much about commercial farming but I would think that a big reason to plant large fields with just 1 crop is the equipment needed for different types of crops would add more cost to their operation, thus causing higher food prices. I guess I would rather pay higher prices for this reason than paying higher because of a shortage.

  4. Jack,
    the US has been screwing itself in the backside for decades..
    The chickens are coming home to roost as Dr Churchill suggested.
    We are reaping what we sowed in biblical terms


  5. I am a new listener so this was my first show. I just wanted to comment that Monsanto, etc. isn’t there to make food more plentiful, but to weaken our immune system in prep. for reducing the population. I don’t know if you have done shows on this since I am new. . . I dont this think there is much benevolent in what they are up to.

  6. ORSurvival


    I am a farmer (140 acres in western OR raising sweet cherries, wine grapes, and hay) and your notion of 1 acre plots on a farm is romantic, but not very practical. I think your assumption that large farms are, by nature, degrading to the soil and the environment because they have large fields of single crops does not hold true for everybody. We have 20 acres of cherry trees which are all in one block. If this were not the case we could not farm them efficiently. Our grapes are also in one large block to reduce trellising costs and make farming them efficient.

    Despite these large blocks we farm in a responsible fashion- green manure crops over winter, use of ‘organic’ fertilizers, and mulching rows.

    1 acre plots are neither efficient, nor are they practical if you want to survive as a farm. All that hand labor will kill you, or cost too much.

    Love your show!