Food Forest Workshop Has Sold Out – But One Spot Open Anyway

Alert – The last spot was claimed, the works shop is now officially sold out.  If you want to be on a waiting list for cancellations email me with food forest reserve in the subject line and I will let you know if a spot opens due to a cancellation.  

Just a quick heads up that the food forest planting workshop sold out last night about 10PM when the last open spot was grabbed.  Anyone still wanting in though just got an opportunity.

One of our students just canceled due to not being able to obtain vacation from work during the event.  So one spot is now open.  It is also past the 48 hour period so we are now open to the general public.

That means anyone can sign up.  The place to sign up is at this link.  The work shop is April 3-5 and the price is 500 dollars.  That includes meal, instruction and one hell of a good time.  My property is opened up for setting up if you want to camp from April 2-6.

Again you can sign up at this link.  If the system tells you we are sold out when you try to make a deposit, that means the one open spot has been claimed.

4 Responses to Food Forest Workshop Has Sold Out – But One Spot Open Anyway

  1. I did want to go but driving from Phoenix to Dallas and back would have taken an extra 4 days on top of the 4 I would have needed to take off work. Will there be any videos for MSB members of part of the event? Like maybe see what the food forest looks like? Spacing is probably my biggest sticking point there.

  2. Congratulations, we will be looking forward to seeing some photos after it’s planted.

  3. We are totally stoked – driving in from Florida.

  4. Can’t wait to meet Tom & Laura!