Food Forest Planting Workshop is Now Open for MSB Only

Alert – The last spot was claimed, the works shop is now officially sold out.  If you want to be on a waiting list for cancellations email me with food forest reserve in the subject line and I will let you know if a spot opens due to a cancellation. 

The Survival Podcast Mobile Food Forest Planting Workshop

Dates April  3-5, 2014

Cost – $500 Per Student, with a $150 dollar non refundable deposit.

If you want to attend the Food Forest Planting Workshop it is now open for MSB only until Friday at 8AM Central time.  After that time, IF any spots remain they will be open to the general public.  To register now if you are MSB, just go log in to your MSB Page the link to register is at the top of the page in GIANT RED BOLD LETTERS after you log in, you can’t miss it.

Here is a full description of this awesome event!

Get ready to join us for an incredible event as we plant the foundation for a zone four style food forest, an urban forest garden and a zone 2 style food forest all in one amazing three day event.  The event will be taught by lead instructor Jack Spirko with co instructors Josiah Wallingford and Nick Ferguson along with a third yet to be named instructor.  The event will be strictly limited to about 30 students and allow us to set up three planting teams for each phase of the installation.

We have put a great deal of thought into this workshop.  Given the sheer volume of planting we have come up with a plan that will ensure all student questions are answered and the entire program runs smoothly.  Each of the three teams will participate in the following five primary installations…

  1. Planting of one large swale including main tree plantings, support species, cover cropping, mulching, etc. for the Zone 4 food forest
  2. Planting of one small swale with multiple tree and shrub varieties for the urban zone one forest garden
  3. Planting of one third of the contour based hugle bed system that will make up our zone 2 forest garden
  4. Sheet mulching and planting of a sector within the zone 4 food forest
  5. Planting of one of three micro forest gardens

If sufficient time remains we may also build a hugle bed or two for our new hybrid “Vinorchard” system (a vineyard/orchard based on hugle beds)

To my knowledge nothing with this much planting diversity has ever been crammed into a three day workshop before.  Yet with the large number of students expected to attend we should have plenty of extra time to cover other subjects with you.  This will include things like

  • Plant propagation techniques
  • Extending forest edge over time
  • The medicinal value of many of the plants we are including
  • The creation of many micro climates in our varying systems
  • The varieties we chose for our climate and why
  • How systems like ours can be used to create revenue by selling propagated cuttings/seeds/etc.
  • How our system will evolve over time and the role supporting species will play
  • How we will atrophy support trees out over time and why some will stay long term
  • Much more

Our events are noted for being awesome not just for the educational/workshop portions but for the networking, after hours events and the food as well.  Some note worthy things we always do

  • Feed you until you think you will pop
  • Seed exchanges
  • Barter blanket
  • Tell you the insider secret of the event club (swear you to secrecy about it too, it isn’t a big deal but it is kind of cool)
  • Have awesome cool special guests that show up most are unannounced until you arrive
  • Have a general blast, perhaps even make a batch of homebrew or mead while you are here


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Events

  • Question – Where is this event?

  • Answer – After you sign up you will get a document with all event details.  The address is only given to students who have paid a deposit.  But for your planning purposes we are near Azle Texas.  That is just north of Fort Worth.

  • Question – What is the best airport to fly into?

  • Answer – The best bet is Dallas-Fort Worth International (DFW) it is only about 35 minutes assuming traffic isn’t at peak from our home.  The only other viable option is Dallas Love Field (DAL) this may save you money if Southwest Flys direct from your airport but it is a longer drive.  I would plan on an 1 hour and 15 minutes or more despite what google maps will tell you if you fly into Love Field.

  • Question – What type of food is served at these events?

  • Answer  –  The key word is meat but we have other stuff too.  Generally we serve eggs (from our own flock) for breakfast with bacon and sausage and tortillas for breakfast with awesome local salsa and fixings.  We also include a selection of fruit, breakfast bars, etc.  Lunch is deli meats, chicken salad, left overs from dinner the night before and other things.  Sometimes we have soups or other similar items for lunch.  Dinner is usually rotisserie chicken one night, brisket another night and smoked pork shoulder the other night.  Generally some awesome sausage finds its way into our menu as well.  A full lunch and dinner are provided all three course days.  We provide only coffee, fruit and breakfast bars on the first day for breakfast.  We provide full breakfast on Friday, Saturday and on the after event breakfast on Sunday morning.

  • Question – What are the camping conditions like?

  • Answer  – The key word is primitive.  We allow tent camping on site just about anywhere on our property.  We have an outbuilding that we let people put a cot or air mattress in but it usually gets pretty full and it is first come first served.  There are plenty of trees for hammock camping as well.  Most folks enjoy camping because you can have adult beverages and not worry about driving and the people are just awesome to hang out with.  Most nights people end up staying up late talking and having a lot of fun playing pool, darts, spending time at the camp fire etc.  April is usually pretty comfortable temperature wise especially at night but it rains often so be prepared for that.

  • Question – Is there a good hotel near by?

  • Answer  –  There is a great holiday inn, we get you a group rate and it varies but it is very nice hotel and we have normally gotten a rate of about 82 dollars in the past plus tax.

  • Question – Can students share a rental car, a ride to the airport, a hotel room, etc.?

  • Answer  – Sure but to be blunt we do not get involved in that.  We have way too much work to do so that you guys have a good experience when you get here.  I view it this way from the time you get on my land till you leave it is my responsibility to make sure you learn, have fun and are well fed.  Off site I leave it to you to deal with things.  However, we have a private email list and many students work out things like this between themselves on it.  Make sure to join it as soon as you get your instructions packet as their will be information on it.

  • Question – I have a question that isn’t answered here, should I sign up, I don’t want to loose my deposit?

  • Answer  – When I send out the instruction document (by Friday the 28th of February) you have 48 hours to review the document, if something is a deal breaker you can cancel with a refund in the first 48 hours.

  • Question – Will you take bitcoin for this event?  What about silver?

  • Answer  – I have a huge capital outlay on this one so I can’t take silver.  I can only take PayPal for the deposit (you can use a credit card without a paypal account) but I will take bitcoin by special arrangement for the balance due but it will have to be at least one week prior to the event.  If you want to do this, email me for arrangements.

7 Responses to Food Forest Planting Workshop is Now Open for MSB Only

  1. Can’t wait to get there and meet Jack, Josiah, Nick, and Dorothy. I’m about as giddy as a school girl. I’m Pumped!

  2. Sounds like awesome workshop. One of us here are going to try to attend. Question, will this workshop provide a Certificate or other credential recognizable and attachable to our Permaculture Global account?

    • Modern Survival

      Yes it will, certified by myself. It will list Josiah Wallingford and Nick Ferguson and likely a third TBN instructor as co instructors. I will not be doing paper certs though, only on

      The course outline will also be published and can be used with a potential client if you think that will be helpful.

      Again though just to be clear this is a field level workshop almost zero classroom time.

  3. What is the start time for the workshop on the first day?

  4. beewhispererwyosurvival

    plan on getting my payment for me and POPS
    see you soon Brother.

    Man super hyped ….

  5. All Taken care of Jack. see you soon and will bring the teachng hive for you to see brother, and Some mead. LOL