Episode-43- Five More Lies that Attack Individual Freedom and Liberty

Today’s show expands on yesterday’s and gives you five more lies that most American’s believe to be true. No conspiracy theories or tin foil hat concepts here. This stuff is all wide open and easy to verify as fact by reading simple history and looking at current realities.

Sorry for the background noise in today’s show, while I think the audio is over all much better my mobile studio seemed to attract every semi truck on the highway today.

Tune in today to get my thoughts on,

  • The lie that the “governments role is to solve the problems of the people”
  • How ridiculous the concept of a “government that would solve individual problems” would be in a discussion among the Founding Fathers
  • The lie that “America is the freest nation in the world”
  • One thing that you can do in many countries that will get you arrested at gun point in America
  • The lie that we need to “spend more on national defense”
  • The fact that the U.S. spends more money on our military then the combined military budgets of every other nation in the world combined
  • The reality that the U.S. economic system is now best defined as fascist
  • The lie that it is “normal for the price of goods and cost of living to continually rise over time”
  • The effect of having a false paper currency backed by nothing and what a 1935 silver quarter still buys today
  • The lie that “politicians should be experienced”
  • How a government of “career politicians” have destroyed our freedom, yet not had to live with the consequences of their decisions as private citizens
  • Why a Kansas farmer, Texas rough necker or Detroit auto worker would all be better as our senators then the people we have in office today

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4 Responses to Episode-43- Five More Lies that Attack Individual Freedom and Liberty

  1. Jack, the passion in your voice in this episode was inspiring and refreshing to hear. I was university (I believe the term used in the US, is college) educated and had a great time and experience; that said, I wholly agree with you, that such an education isn’t for everyone and also is for largely office related workers. I would also agree that people in politics need significant experience in life and work, outside politics. In Canada, I am very disheartened with out political system, as like in the US, it doesn’t work (except to keep those in power, in power/politics).

  2. Another great show…How would you like to be President.

  3. Jack,

    Another great show!
    Keeping with the theme of the show, I read that some investment firms have stated that clients are moving from stocks and bonds to “cash”.

    Can you discuss the veracity and implications of this move?

    Specifically, the small investor (typical listener of your show):

    Part of preparedness is to have a small cash fund (local power outage, atm network failure, etc…)

    401K heavily invested in Stocks & Bonds



  4. Jack,
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your show. I actually haven’t listened to this episode yet. I just found your podcast a week ago and I started at the beginning, listening like mad to catch up. I did see however that you used some resources from Kiyosaki today. I suggest everyone read at least Rich dad Poor Dad. Its really an eye opener.

    All that aside, though, I think that you are doing something really amazing with this show. My wife and I just recently moved to the country to start living the life we wanted, knowing we needed to whether tough times come or not.

    We were amazed to see how many smart people here in rural Iowa are already waking up to the current problems and growing food and pulling together to help each other, and how many stupid people still rely on the “maximum consumption” system for everything. It’s funny to note that there seems to be an actual visible difference between these two types of people.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I can’t get enough of your show. I hope to be caught up soon!

    Thanks Again,