Episode-1385- Fishing with a Air Cannon? Yep!

Reach Out 3 Football Fields with the Sand Blaster

Reach Out 3 Football Fields with the Sand Blaster

An avid shore fisherman, Dan Triano of New Ringgold, PA became frustrated with not being able to get his bait out past the sand bar where the big fish are. One day, he and his buddy were talking about how best to get their bait REALLY out there. That is when the idea for the, Sand Blaster Bait Caster was born.

This is a fishing apparatus that launches bait up to 300 yards out into the ocean from the shore. That’s right….that’s THREE FOOTBALL FIELDS!

I wanted to bring Dan on for a few reasons today.  First I just thought it was a cool and fun topic and unlike anything we have ever really talked about.  I also know many of you enjoyed the fishing series and this is kind of a bonus show for that series.  Lastly this is also the story of a person creating a business with an actual unique product from the ground up.

To be totally blunt, after this episode I want one!  Frankly I am buying one and I am going down to the Texas coast with it and filling up a chest with some awesome blacktip steaks!  Finally adding to it the fact the Dan lives about 15 miles from where I went to high school is just icing on the cake!

Join Dan and I Today as we Discuss…

  • Why did you come up with this idea
  • What is the benefit of this system compared to other systems
  • What is the larger goal of Dan’s company and product
  • Who is using this product and what have the results been
  • What kind of media coverage has this attacked
  • What kinds of fish can be caught with the Sand Blaster
  • Thoughts on tagging, catch and release and reasonable harvest
  • Where can you fish with the Sand Blaster Bait Caster
  • Is the Sand Blaster in bait shops

Resources for today’s show…

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12 Responses to Episode-1385- Fishing with a Air Cannon? Yep!

  1. Commute home should be more entertaining today 🙂

  2. Great podcast Jack! When are we going down to Freeport or PINS as a TSP Group? I’m in Collin County (DFW) and would be happy to help put together a group.

  3. Greetings,
    My brothers-in-law would go shark fishing at Datona Bch FL. To get their bait out a long way from shore, they tied a ballon to a “Lifesaver”, tied the “Livesaver” to the bait, then let the current take it far from shore. The “Lifesaver” would disolve, the bait would sink, and they did catch a lot of shark!

  4. Archer Lars Anderson:

    4.9 seconds to shoot ten arrows

  5. That air canon is cool but expensive. I’ll have to stick to my fishing trebuchet.

  6. Alan Georges

    I’ve got to get one of those, just too close to the water not to have one. Man, maybe by next summer.

  7. Man I would love to go out fishing with one of these, does he do guided fishing? He should, I would be up for a trip!

  8. Has anyone started talking about “Military style assault fisherman” on the news yet?

  9. Alan Georges

    Guesstimating the frozen fish slug to be about a pound, that’s a 7000 grain projectile. 900 feet horizontal in 7 seconds (from the video), toss in a 45 degree angle, that’s about 180 ft/s. That comes to about 450 ft-lbs at the muzzle. A pretty hefty amount of energy, on par with a serious handgun, but not exactly an existential threat.

  10. This reminds me of a guy who loved sturgeon fishing at Bonneville Dam. In order to get his bait out further than any one else he mad a giant slingshot with heavy surgical tubing and made a mount for the front of his pickup. Winged it a good ways out there.

    Here’s a video I found of another fellow down there. This is a really upgraded version than the first guy who did it years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOoQGsw3QbM

    • Modern Survival

      @Aron that is a cool innovation the guy came up with and it works. It also just made me a lot more comfortable with the so called “high price” of the sand blaster. Compare the two of those for ease of use, portability, etc. Man, look out Texas coast!