Episode-95- Finding Homes in the Country in Foreclosure

Right now more homes are in foreclosure then any other time in history.  For many Americans this is a disaster but for those who have lived within their means this is one of the greatest times in history to buy real estate and the opportunity will get even better over the next 6-12 months.

Tune in today to hear

  • The golden rule of the real estate deal, always be willing to walk away
  • How to find foreclosures with out buying a list – just ask
  • Several banks that list their current foreclosures online
  • How to work with an agent when looking for remote and secondary properties
  • Gotchas to watch out for when searching for real estate
  • How to use Google Maps Satellite View to estimate property size of listed home that don’t provide lot sizes
  • Using Google’s Map Satellite view to determine what is around a property
  • Making a visit to a potential new home town productive, how to start conversations with the locals
  • Thoughts on finding a remote “care taker” before you buy that home in the country

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3 Responses to Episode-95- Finding Homes in the Country in Foreclosure

  1. Another great show, a lot of good ideals and info!

  2. I’d wait awhile – real estate is still in disbelief and shock. Price are likely to tumble in a big way.

  3. Check the county tax website for an individual county. SOMETIMES, they will include a link to the satelitte picture with a defined lot…SOMETIMES. Dallas county does, Tarrant county (TX) says they do, but it is a difficult site to navigate.