Episode-2079- Nick Ferguson on “Homegrown Liberty”

Nick Ferguson is the host of the popular homesteading podcast Homegrown Liberty, is a Permaculture Designer and Consultant.

Nick was home schooled, and was able to attend college as early as 16 years old to supplement his education.

Nick also received his Permaculture Designers Course certificate from Geoff Lawton, course teacher for the Permaculture Research Institute Australia.

He now travels the USA and abroad teaching Regenerative Agriculture, and Holistic Homestead Design, and of course he is one of our Expert Council members.

Nick joins us today to discuss his new educational initiative and Hybrid PDC Course that will be released via YouTube and is supported through his Patreon page. You can learn about that project at www.patreon.com/homegrownliberty

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One Response to Episode-2079- Nick Ferguson on “Homegrown Liberty”

  1. Nick, I like the idea of having a certification at the end of the courses you are going to offer. For some, like myself, the drawback of online courses is that they can languish because it’s completely self paced. I need that extra push on, a boot in the ass, if you will to stay focused. And by having exams and such, where defined completion targets occur, that can help a lot.

    I took Howard Garrett’s course on the Texas Organic Research Council. I “passed’ (it was too easy and I don’t recommend you making yours as easy) but still it had the defined goals in which you had to complete in order to finish.

    I signed up for a propagation class through permaethos last yr, paid for it and everything and have yet to start it. I liked the idea of being “certified” by Howard Garrett even though I bet I learn more in the propagation class

    Does the certification mean anything? Not really, but it is something I can share with folks. I can say “Hey I was certified by Howard Garrett” or something like that as opposed to “I took a class on propagation.”

    There literally is NO difference other than the sense of accomplishment. And for me that is the kick in teh pants i need.

    So, just a thought.