Episode-460- Listener Feedback for 6-22-10

Today we have your feedback and some additional things that you just won’t believe since we prempted the listener feedback show yesterday for the 2 year anniversary show.  Today we discuss a real world example of a country turning to gold, 50 facts about the US economy you just won’t believe, zip ties, parachute cord and more.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • 50 things about the U.S. economy that defy all reason
  • Uses for zip ties and parachute cord in your prepping, bush-crafting, etc.
  • Why did I choose Arkansas for my BOL
  • Thoughts on how to store a 8 month cash emergency fund
  • The pros and cons of grid tied solar with battery back up
  • Why is China again buying US Treasuries
  • Can seeds survive outside in a freezing winter
  • What is the new proposed FCC regulation of the internet really all about
  • Greece turns to gold for safety, what we can learn from it
  • Assclown of the week returns, a school principle thinks a 2 inch toy solider is a weapon
  • Hero of the week returns, a retired general tells a young man what he did was right

Resources for today’s show…

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5 Responses to Episode-460- Listener Feedback for 6-22-10

  1. Just a quick note: Isn’t a “Black” market simply the same thing as a “Free” market?

  2. @Jeanette: The only difference between a “black” market and a “free” market is that the government wants to shut down the former and tax the latter.

    Also, can I sit on a rocking chair on my porch and pretend to be part of an older, different (better?) generation? I’m getting awfully tired of my current one. 😛

  3. We still bounce back and forth on the idea of having a place in Arkansas.. like you, we love the mountains. I’m sure you’ll love it when you finally get there permanently.

  4. It’s amazing how far we’ve fallen. When I was in high school, I would bet my bottom dollar that half the student vehicles in the school parking lot had a shotgun or a 22 inside. Not for protection, but because most of the guys (and some of the gals) were going to go hunting after school was out. Nowadays, you can’t bring plastic soldier because it’s holding a tiny gun, or my daughter can’t wear hear Appleseed T-shirt to school because their is an image of Isaac Davis on it holding a musket in one hand (plow in the other). WHAT THE HECK???

    We have been fortunate with public school for our kids because they have been (mostly) lucky to have good teachers that actually have a brain and common sense. Unfortunately I can’t say that for the administration which is out of their freakin’ mind. The new principal has been actively pushing for the kids to start saying the Pledge of Allegiance in spanish instead of english. It looks like the outcry from parents has been enough to squash this, but I don’t want my kids to be under the influence of someone that has reality twisted so bad that this seemed like a good idea to them. Home school starts next year.

  5. Great show!!! One small thing I got to say is that I surprisingly have found that Jack and Glenn Beck (I listen to both. Often talk about the same topics and come at it from the same angle, just Jack will go a little deeper. However, on this episode, to be fair, I have heard Beck talk go into this much detail before, despite the very small comment Jack made about him not really going there.