Episode-2288- Listener Feedback for 9-10-18

Today on The Survival Podcast I take your questions on Hurricane Florence, careers and trades, brewing cider, seed mixes, cooking, college degrees, battery charging, professional trolls, the NAP and more.

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Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…

  • A call out for CAC Teams Support for Hurricane Florence
  • The TSP 2018 Workshop is Coming – Some special announcements
  • At long last going to work out of high school is being respected and honored
  • What to do with bad apple juice
  • A lawn, pasture, feedlot seed mix – stop making it hard folks
  • More companies are dropping degree requirements, what does it really mean
  • A cool idea or three for a Sous Vide cooker
  • More on QAnon and why it is worse than I thought it was, way worse
  • The right AAA/AA battery charger when the one we recommend most is not available
  • The lesson of weeds growing in gravel
  • The NAP applied to things we see and hear – yea really

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5 Responses to Episode-2288- Listener Feedback for 9-10-18

  1. I have never made any sense out of Qanon; however regarding masons, below is a part of a letter to George Washington about the Illumnanti. There are other mason inspired groups such as skull and bones society. In general it is too broad a topic

    Our present Time, pregnant with the most shocking Evils and Calamities, threatens Ruin to our Liberty and Goverment. Secret, the most secret Plans are in Agitation: Plans, calculated to ensnare the Unwary, to attract the Gay and irreligious, and to entice even the Well-disposed to combine in the general Machine for overturning all Government and all Religion.

    It was some Time since that a Book fell into my Hands entituled “Proofs of a Conspiracy &c. by John Robison,”1 which gives a full Account of a Society of Freemasons, that distinguishes itself by the Name “of Illuminati,” whose Plan is to overturn all Government and all Religion, even natural; and who endeavour to eradicate every Idea of a Supreme Being, and distinguish Man from Beast by his Shape only. A Thought suggested itself to me, that some of the Lodges in the United States might have caught the Infection, and might cooperate with the Illuminati or the Jacobine Club in France.

    Fauchet is mentioned by Robison as a zealous Member: and who can doubt of Genet and Adet? Have not these their Confidants in this Country? They use the same Expressions and are generally Men of no Religion. Upon serious Reflection I was led to think that it might be within your Power to prevent the horrid Plan from corrupting the Brethren of the English Lodge over which you preside.

    GW response:


    I have heard much of the nefarious, and dangerous plan, and doctrines of the Illuminati, but never saw the Book until you were pleased to send it to me


     I believe notwithstanding, that none of the Lodges in this Country are contaminated with the principles ascribed to the Society of the Illuminati. 



    Lodge Propaganda Due Italy:
    P2 was sometimes referred to as a “state within a state” or a “shadow government“.[6] The lodge had among its members prominent journalists, members of parliament, industrialists, and military leaders—including Silvio Berlusconi, who later became Prime Minister of Italy; the Savoy pretender to the Italian throne Victor Emmanuel;[7] and the heads of all three Italian intelligence services (at the time SISDESISMI and CESIS).
    When searching Licio Gelli’s villa in 1982, the police found a document called the “Plan for Democratic Rebirth”, which called for a consolidation of the media, suppression of trade unions, and the rewriting of the Italian Constitution.[8]







  2. If anyone else is struggling to understand the first website Jack mentioned for seeds, I managed to find it. Linking both for your convenience.



  3. I just got the email that the Powerex is back in stock. Though, it’s $44.95 now. I think that’s $15 more than what is was before.

  4. Hi Jack, those stoppers for the Costco tree top Apple juice seem a little small. I had to turn it upside down and place it in the. I think a #8 solid stopper might work better. Thoughts?

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