Episode-2021- Listener Feedback for 6-12-17

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Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…

  • Here are a few examples showing why health care is so expensive
  • Thoughts on “manufactured homes”, the good, the bad, the ugly
  • More on macular degeneration
  • Dealing with stray cats or neighbor cats using your property as a litter box
  • Feedback on challenging teachers and when and when not to do it
  • Choosing between the Weber Kettle, A Side Box Smoker and the Bradley Smoker
  • The sharing economy gets into the phyical goods world
  • Geese crap on people at Disney and a haz mat team is called in!

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11 Responses to Episode-2021- Listener Feedback for 6-12-17

  1. Jack,
    I could not agree more about the sharing library. I have been wanting to set something like this up for reloading equipment. I have a pair of Dillon 550’s which would be perfect for this.

    The simplicity of changing out the tool head makes this reloader better than most for loading multiple calibers.

    I typically load about 12,000 rounds a year and I rarely load more than 15 minutes a day, which will produce 100 rounds.

    A Maker / Reloader space open for 2 1/2 to three hours a night would allow 8 – 10 people to load 100 rounds per night per machine!

    As an aside, though my day job, I met John Lee of Lee Precision a few weeks ago and you could not hope to find a more down to earth, helpful person. I am even more committed to Lee reloading products. John and Lee Precision are really trying to offer the best possible products at the best possible price.

    Best regards,


  2. Aaron Darling

    For the guy looking to get into smoking meats keep an eye on places like Facebook marketplace and Nextdoor.com.

    I just picked up a Bradley smoker with the cover and 4 boxes of bisquettes for $150 on Facebook.

    I am in your same position. I am new to smoking and am about to start experimenting. If you hit me up on Facebook we can share ideas and success and failures.

    Aaron Darling

  3. Jack,

    As always, another great show. The Disney story is an example of the “Pussification of America.” Oh no, I’m being pooped on, somebody should dial 911 to save me from this emergency. If can only get worse from here. Imagine the dispatcher… Oh yes we are sending the hazmat team right now. WTF?!?!

    This requester should have been met with a fine and ticket for wasting tax payer money for calling 911 for this fake emergency. I can’t even fathom the cost of this crap.

    Northern Virginia
    MSB member

    • Modern Survival

      Agreed but I am pretty sure Disney deployed their own internal team and I am sure they have one for actual emergencies, you know like a hydraulic system dripping fluid into a marsh.

      Still yes it is the pussification of society!

    • My brother in law works for Disney in Orlando, and from what he’s told me about the employee union this doesn’t surprise me at all. Whether you opt to join the union or not the rules the union has negotiated apply to everyone. He almost got in trouble the other day for stopping by on his off day to discuss his work schedule with his boss, Im assuming because there’s some rule that you cant even talk about work without being compensated.

      Union says you have to have certain number of employees for x task, paid this rate for all these different scenarios (overtime or extended days), have people sit around all day to push a button 4 times, all kinds of crazy stuff. Disney makes money hand over fist so it doesn’t hurt their budget, but damn.

      I figure the hazmat response was due to the union saying anything related to fecal matter will be handled by these specialized employees over here that otherwise are sitting around waiting for a call to come in.

      I’ll caveat this by saying we’ve been there 4 times and it’s drilled into staff to do everything possible to make sure every single guest has a magical time, so I don’t know how much was the guests freaking out (granted I wouldn’t be enthusiastic about being pooped on, but Disney can’t control the birds) vs the staff overreacting to contain the situation, especially after the alligator deal last year.

  4. I enjoyed the segment about how laws are written by the companies who would benefit from them. If there’s not already a documentary explaining this, there should be.

  5. Man I wish someone would tell my cat he’s hard wired to bury his waste! He paws at the rim of the litter box a couple times and off he goes

  6. I have saw people half bury bottles vertically in their lawn or veg plot to keep away cats. I think they use small common plastic bottles like the small coke bottles.

    I think the theory is that the breeze blowing a across the top creates a high pitched whistle on breezy days which only cats can hear and it annoys them preventing them from having an enjoyable peaceful crap and they go somewhere else.

    This is supposed to break the habit of them coming into the garden. I dont know if it works or not.

  7. For me Survivalism and clutter go hand in hand, I like owning things especially tools. One technique I use to store low value tools and free up indoor space is as follows.

    I oil tools, put them tied clear plastic bags and put them in wheelie bins in my back garden. I secure the lids with bungie hook cords.

    Also its the last place burglers look.

  8. Interesting theory on how corporatios write regulations to create sales of their products, I had never looked at it quite like that before.

    I had before only saw regulations as a way to push people around, waste people time and collect taxes.