Episode-1990- Listener Feedback for 4-24-17

jackspirkoToday on The Survival Podcast I take your questions on automation, geese, GMOs, composting, idiocy in government, restoring land, aquaponics, investing and more.

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Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…

  • MSB updates and an MSB Sale
  • A quick bit of listener feedback on automation
  • How to successfully tractor geese for meat
  • Is there any legitimate use for GMO crops
  • Getting your compost to actually compost
  • A woman is banished from a town for calling 911, SERIOUSLY!
  • What one man did with 5500 yards of damaged land using mostly grass seed
  • Bulkheads vs. uniseals in aquaponics
  • A concern to watch out for with your mail box, not one you would think about
  • Is congress about to raid your 401K, not exactly, not yet anyway

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13 Responses to Episode-1990- Listener Feedback for 4-24-17

  1. As a wood burner, I would love a GMO tree for biomass, that grows quickly. It would be nice if a particular hardwood would grow in say, 1/2 the time. I would love a GMO Oak Tree that is harvest ready in 5 years 🙂

  2. Linnea Cooper

    Another concern about GMO that I never hear about is that they are all cloned. This means no genetic diversity and your entire crop is essentially the same plant. What happens when a disease or other pest shows up and your crop is suseptible?

    • Modern Survival

      No that is not the case at all.

      GMOs all carry selected genes but that doesn’t mean there is not genetic diversity from one to the next seed.

      Think of it this way, what you are saying is true of any known proven variety heirloom, hybrid, etc.

      If you plant Mortgage Lifter Tomato a proven heirloom that you can save seed from that is now almost 100 years old, every seed will produce the same tomato. If you save seed and don’t allow cross pollination the saved seed will do the same. But they are not clones, they carry enough genetic information to provide a repeatable result but they are not identical.

      If one takes any plant and starts selecting for specific traits they are generally only 4-7 generations from a new variety with its own unique characteristics.

      Keep in mind when the blight hit Ireland and wiped out the lumper potato it was a few hundred years ago and nothing approaching a GMO existed. In other words any single variety of anything carries the same risk.

  3. Southpaw Ben

    Thanks Jack for the advice!
    We have a barn on the pasture, and I had planned on brooding them in there until they got big enough to pasture full-time, though I like your idea for brooding on pasture. We had an Amish guy who was using our pasture last year for cows, and he left his electric fence charger and plenty of the plastic hot wire, so I think I might do your idea of 16×16 cattle panels with chicken wire and a hotline around the outside, and maybe build a crude goose house out of some 2×4’s and ply wood and add it to one end and use it as the handle for moving the whole contraption.
    Southpaw Ben

    • Modern Survival

      What I do for cover from rain and shade is simple. I put two folding tables in the center, then put a piece of scrap plywood about 4 feet wide across them like a leaf that expands a table. I do about two and a half feet apart so the plywood has a good 8-10 inches of hold on both sides.

      They likely won’t use a “house”.

  4. Jason Cavanaugh

    The podcast won’t play for me on the iPhone app or on the website. All my other podcasts play fine. This just started happening yesterday. Any ideas? Please help. I’m jonesing for some jack.

    • Modern Survival

      Try a reboot or something everything works fine on my end and you are the only person I have heard about a problem from. With our number of downloads I would be hearing a LOT of this if it wasn’t individualized. Sorry I wish I could be more help.

      • Jason Cavanaugh

        Thanks Jack. That worked. I thought maybe the NSA wanted me to not learn about self sufficiency since the Adam Carolla podcast still worked. Lol

  5. Mailman here. I don’t agree with this but it’s how the USPS maintains it’s monopoly on mail service.

    Mailboxes are considered Federal property under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1705. They are used only for the receiving of US Mail. Anything that goes in the box needs to have proper postage.

    Sometimes businesses will place flyers in mailboxes all over town. Those flyers are pulled and a bill is sent to the business in question. Once paid the flyers are delivered.

    In the case of a UPS, FedEx or Amazon package I personally wouldn’t care, but other carriers might.

  6. Hello Jack…
    Great show. How about a facebook share of the Nat Geo video of the Bramberg Ranch. I would love to share it with my friends. I would do it myself but my phone will not allow.

  7. Annual plant turned into perennial. Interesting implications.


  8. I’ve been using the John Suscovich tractor a month now, here are some things to consider:
    1) My birds rush the door at feeding time, they even tend to jump through the door. It’s hard to get inside to feed them without stepping on them. I tend to push them out of the way with my foot. Not optimal I think.
    2) The feed tray hanging in the center prevents me from standing under the peak height. I still need to hunch over inside and I’m not tall.
    3) If you gou inside to feed prior to moving in the morning you’re going to be walking on a layer of chicken manure. This also happens if the tractor has been sitting more than an hour.
    4) You probably want the rear wheels to syick out rather than in so the wheels don’t roll through manure and pick up a layer all around it. I hated installing and removing poopy wheels.