Episode-378- Listener Feedback 2-15-10

Time to get back to our Monday tradition of answering listener questions.  Today we have questions on economic issue, dogs, gardening, guns and more.  Also make sure to check out our links and resources today as we have a tremendous number of very valuable resources today.

Tune in today as we discuss…

  • A few of my upcoming appearances
  • How would cap and trade create a new fiat currency
  • What are the advantages of the scout rifle concept
  • What is Google Map Buddy (kick ass free software)
  • How SaveOurSkills.com will help preserve traditional skills
  • Why do rifleman often prefer a bolt action to a semi automatic
  • What advantages does a bolt action offer when training rifleman
  • Is last minute hording a “pioneering” concept
  • How do you keep digging dogs out of a garden
  • What factors should you consider with “inside” and “outside” dogs
  • Your skills are something no one can take away from you

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

16 Responses to Episode-378- Listener Feedback 2-15-10

  1. Sorry to do it this way, and you can delete this if you want, but suddenly since yesterday when I go to the Forum I get the message:
    Sorry, Old_Grey_Mare, you are banned from using this forum.

    I really didn\’t do anything that I know of to deserve this.

    I deleted my cookie and now I get the same message addressed to guest which makes me think it is my ip address that is a problem.

  2. Modern Survival


    Since I provide my email address daily on the show you could have not been rude yourself and emailed me and asked for help.

    There are two potential things going on here,

    One you did do something and deserved to be banned.

    Two perhaps you are on an IP with another party who was banned.

    I will check into it and tell you which one it was. Including if you deserved the ban and I will do that publicly since that is what you choose.

  3. Modern Survival


    So who is idahobob?

  4. Hey I hope to meet ya on one of your appearances, great podcasts, glad my friend recommended it to me

    ~James G

  5. Jack,
    Enjoy your show. I am interested in your event in Wyoming. Will you provide a link on when are the dates and how we can score with a free ticket. Also is it free for kids?


  6. Modern Survival

    @Rob Collins,

    On the event, the link is in today’s show notes right above your comment. Follow the link that says, “Information on DirtTime 2010”.

    On how you can win, subscribe to my Youtube channel, tune in Wednesday and play the game and try to win.

  7. Hi Jack,

    I don\’t know who idahobob is. The word rude is part of the message I get telling me I am banned.

  8. The SAVE OUR SKILLS forum is huge.
    This kind of thing is National Security in its most direct, potent form. This will deserve national interest. Right on!
    It would be key if the info. can be easily printed and thus extracted from the internet and owned by the People without needing electricity, the internet and everything else to access it over time. It will be turned into hard books this way too.

  9. Modern Survival


    I have come to the conclusion that you and Bob are one in the same. What are the odds you and this Bob guy have the same IP address?

    However, I am going to look deeper into your posting history and see if I can convince myself otherwise.

  10. Just read the Megan Cox story! How hillarious calling this prepping!!! Or is it scary? I guess kind of both! So how which TSP’ers left the comments on the bottom of her article calling her an idiot? Come on! I read them and was LMAO!

  11. @Modern Survival

    (I am not Bob, I don’t know Bob, I have no skin in this debate).

    It is not a big stretch to have multiple users behind the same public IP address. Especially if the connection is made from within a large company. Even if the user is on a small home network, it is possible an unsecured wireless node is being ‘pirated’ by someone else – who coincidentally is also a TSP listener.

    That said, taking the debate public does give a clue to the user’s agenda. In addition to politics many things are best dealt with outside the court of public opinion!

  12. @Modern Survival

    Which post gave you the idea for SaveOurSkills.com?

  13. Old_Grey_Mare:

    It looks as though you were banned in tandem with another person who shares two of the IP addresses you’ve used to access the TSP forum.

    You were NOT rude on our forum, and the banning was an accident. Please accept my most humble apologies for the mistake. The ban on your IP addy has been lifted, and if you WISH to return to TSP, you are welcome to do so.

    *gently takes the gopher-bopper away from Jack*

    Now… Anybody want a beer?

  14. Modern Survival

    @Sis thanks for taking care of it. Bopper is down and I already told Old_Grey we would be sorting this out for her by email.

  15. Right on. Just wanted to make sure that we silly mods took responsibility for the error.