Episode 2307- Listener Feedback for 10-8-18

Today on The Survival Podcast I take your questions on politics, medical training, cover crops, aquaponics, business, water management, voting, planting trees, technology and more.

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Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…

  • Okay I will talk about Kavanaugh, but only as part of a history segment
  • More options for advanced medial training for civilians
  • A cover crop for Texas winter gardens
  • Of Dutch buckets and aquaponics
  • Another variation on the pond for aquaponics question
  • Another successful TSP inspired business
  • Getting the most out of a creek on your property
  • Another look at the no right to complain if you don’t vote argument
  • Planting trees from seed in the winter
  • What people losing their minds over the Presidential Alert test says about our nation
  • Slaying a myth about the Presidential Alert system started by John McAfee

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4 Responses to Episode 2307- Listener Feedback for 10-8-18

  1. Excellent closer to the segment about TSP inspired/small business Jack!  Running your own game certainly does change your worldview, specifically, as mentioned, politics, taxation, and the evil of the state.  While I was already generally leaning that way before, the way I live my life and interact with society has gone exactly that way since I began my own business about ten years ago.  I have found that to be one of the hardest things to explain to people still working the “normal” life, and something that fundamentally sets people apart from the majority of our culture.  Great job, that segment stood out to me almost more than any other on TSP, you hit the nail square on the head and drove it in with one blow!

  2. I heard about the presidential text. I didn’t get it though. Not sure who it was supposed to go out to.

  3. Jack,

    I usually try to resist blatantly pimping my weekly webcomic on unrelated sites, but your rant on voting and my last comic from a few days ago are just too similar and so I feel compelled to post the link to it  🙂


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