Special Add On’s for the Coming Fall Workshop

If you are coming to the TSP Nine Mile Farm Workshop from Nov. 8-12 there are some awesome add ons available I wanted to make you aware of.

First – Patrick Roehrman is doing a build a knife with Patrick workshop.  In this workshop you will work with Patrick during times between our regular sessions to build a truly custom knife.  A knife you would normally pay say 500 dollars just to buy.  But in this special workshop you will learn how to build knives like this and end up with one you built along with Patrick for only 400 dollars.

Full Details on This Workshop
Can be Found Here

Second – Nicole Sauce will be doing a class on Word Press site development for all students.  She will also be announcing a special guided workshop allowing you to develop and fully deploy their own sites.  This will cover site development and deployment with options on hosting, graphic design and much more.   This course will be done via webinar and will begin about a week after the workshop at Nine Mile Farm end.  This will be a great opportunity to take all the ideas and things you learn at our workshop and launch it into an actual business.

Full Detail Options and Pricing for
Nicole’s Add On Course are Here

Third – Nick Ferguson is offering a drawing for a  “Consulting Session With Nick Ferguson”.  Basically anybody interested in winning the slot will need to follow his Distance Consulting instructions page at


They will need to shoot a video tour video of their property, fill out the questionnaire, and either mail that to Nick prior to the event, or bring it with them.

The students here at Nine Mile Farm will watch the video of one lucky winner, and do a sit down quick consultation with Q&A. All attendees get a 40% discount on a distance consulting session with Nick after the event is finished if booked before the event is over. ($175 check, money order, paypal – $150 if paying cash. he will also accept silver at spot price)

Additionally Nick will also be doing a class on making herbal salves which will include a breakout Class Session hands on class 30-45 minutes.  The cost of this add on is $25, with a limit of 20 attendees.  Those who take part in this add on will leave with 2 Jars of the famous “Ferguson First Aid Salve” Plus some of Nick’s own comfrey crowns and seed packets to plant and grow every herb used in the salve recipe.

The value of the seeds and cuttings alone is about $20 – Jars of salve worth $15   Total class valued at $35 with a cost of only $25.

Anybody interested in the first aid salve class can bring cash. First come first served – Email nick@homegrownliberty.com with “Salve Class” in the subject line to reserve your spot.

If you  have any additional questions on Nick’s consulting or the salve class, please email him with “TSP Workshop 2017” as the subject line at nick@homegrownliberty.com

Fourth – Not really an add on but John Pugliano wants to hear from you.  John  is presenting on building wealth and lifestyle businesses.  He’s soliciting your feedback as to what questions or topics you’d like covered relating to wealth & starting a business.  Contact him at:  podcast@wealthsteading.com


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  1. Will Nicole’s webinar be made available to those who CAN’T attend the workshop?

  2. 4 seats already full on the knife workshop, Don’t miss out!

  3. Now 5 haha

  4. 5 Seats taken, don’t miss out!