Expo Update and MSB Sale Issues

First I just want to say thank you to all the listeners that came by the booth in Denver on Friday and Saturday.  There had to be 300-400 of you guys that came by and I enjoyed meeting all of you and that indeed was the primary reason we were there.  Thanks again to all that came by, if we took a picture of you in the booth those will be posted sometime next week.

Next up on the MSB sale that I opened to all.  In the rush to get out of town for the week I made an error when I set up the code, hence some of you may have have a problem when you tried to sign up, the error is now corrected so if you had any issues you can give it another shot.  I have also extended the sale through the entire week, that mean until Sunday the 25th.

To claim the discount use the code


You can use this discount code to pay online (new members only) or to pay by mail with a check, money order, cash or silver.  (existing members can use this option as well).  Those paying by silver get 30% more time (16 instead of 12 months per ounce of silver).

To use the code online just write in the code on checkout again it is DENEXPO11.  If you pay with the printable form by mail just write the code on the form and make sure you mail it on or before the 22nd.

Lastly and this is VERY important.  If you are a current member paying by PayPal and choose to use the code to pay and extend your existing subscription by mailing in the form you need to make sure you write a note on the back of the form.

In that note tell us your paypal email address and ask us to cancel your auto renewal so you do not get double billed.  This is the only way I can make the offer available to existing members at this time.  Trust me I would be happy to let you extend with PayPal but that isn’t how PayPal itself works.

You Can Sign Up for the MSB Here

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  1. Thats cool Jack sounds like your having a good time by the pictures on facebook, I will be hanging out with Dave Cantaberry this coming weekend he is having a fall gathering up near his place.. Cya Brent