Episode-2519- Expert Council Q&A for 9-27-19 — 11 Comments

  1. Hello Jack,

    Feliz Navidad, is a song to look into, circa 1968ish? by this man.

    Thanks for all you do and Dorothy puts up with. 🙂

    Blessings and regards,


  2. What happened to Doc Bones’s answer on the night shift?

    “More on working the night shift – Doc Bones”

    I waited, almost late for work. Yer’ slippin’ Jack.

    Love you man. If you put it in later I catch the rest of this after work.



  3. Jr. Thanks for the ak vs m1a response .  I was debating on selling my ak to go to an m1a but this made me reconsider.   Especially since I have a good wasr10 ak.  And yeah. I definitely have been enjoying updating my Marlin lever gun.  Taking your advice on the midwest industries handguard and about to mount a 2 moa red dot!

  4. For making the switch to offgrid I have 3 suggestions that are heavy on skills and 2/3 of them light on buying stuff.

    learn to heat the home with wood, if it’s locally relevant and practical.  There is a lot more infrastructure to this than a safe hearth and a woodstove.

    cook seasonally like don’t bake inside in the summer.  Bake, crock away in other words co-gen; when you would benefit from the heat twice.

    Learn to dry your clothes on a clothesline.

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