Episode-490- Establishing Local Resource Knowledge in Advance of Disaster

You often hear in the Survivalist Community that local resources and in fact all resources will quickly come under pressure in a major disaster.  While true there is also the old adage “the early bird gets the worm” along with the fact that “normalcy bias” will often keep competition low during early and even middle states of a major break down.  Hence it makes a lot of sense to be knowledgeable and aware of your local resources now before any need of them arises.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • The three types of survival knowledge
    • General
    • Localized
    • Specialized (skill based)
  • The importance of organization and leadership
  • Finding edible plants in all seasons during “peace time”
  • Establishing sources of water and purification
  • Preserving food with out power and refrigeration
  • Cultivation of wild crops (guerrilla gardening)
  • Knowledge of local wildlife (all of it)
  • Trap building skills
  • Knowing your local geography
  • Establishing distances and travel times
  • Knowing how to get out, where you will go
  • Keeping a low profile
  • Being a leader
  • Strength in numbers

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4 Responses to Episode-490- Establishing Local Resource Knowledge in Advance of Disaster

  1. Quick tip for Texas residents. Nutria can be found from southeast Texas to north of Fort Worth. I remember the first time I saw one River Legacy park in Arlington. It was a complete shock.
    BTW, they aren’t good just for meat. They were imported into the USA to replace beaver pelts, because beavers were getting so scarce.

  2. I liked your comment on concepts. You’re right people join concepts thinking of them as pieces of a puzzle, but people should consider a concept more as they think of tools. A hammer can be used as a hammer, but it’s metal and can be used as a poor conductor or as a mini anvil due to its weight and mass, or a screwdriver is a chisel or prybar or boring tool. Concepts are multipurpose just like people treat tools. This like you said applies to business, sales, agriculture, relations, or survival or whatever situation you find yourself in.

  3. Hey Jack,
    Have any good books on trapping?

  4. Foxy Huntress

    This relly hit home…We had a tornado & all the roads were flowded out. No way to get out except the river which is 1/2 mile away. After all was safe, we got a flat bottom boat just in case.
    We had 2 horses for a get a way but got to expensive. Lots of hills so bikes were out. We each have a motor cycle & that seems to be a good way to get out if need be, but lkie you stated..can’t carry to much.
    It’s always best to stay put if you can. Great show & diffrent way at looking at things…thanks Jack once again for getting the cob webs out.