Error with Today’s Show

I am not sure what happened with today’s show.   Rest assured the interview with Marjory was great, it may be next week though before I get it up for you guys.  The proper file is on my PC in Arkansas, while Dorothy and I are in Texas this week for the closing on our house.

I will see what I can do about fixing the issue.  I apologize for the inconvenience and will try to get a show up for you tomorrow even though we are on the road.


6 Responses to Error with Today’s Show

  1. matthew n gooseneck

    Oh you are so gonna pay!
    Have a good time in Tx brotha!
    Any chance of hearing Mrs Dorothy on TSP?

  2. No sweat. I’ve been up and back down from Microsoft IE 9. (Don’t make the journey.) I figured it was my fault. Looking forward to the show.


  3. Congratulations on selling your house!!

    Hey David, My computer didn’t like IE9. I kept getting “display driver stopped responding” messages and they totally went away when I uninstalled it.

  4. I walk four miles most mornings listening to you. Now what am I gonna do – listen to the birds? heh heh

  5. it happens to all of us. I wold much rather hear that you are enjoying your family.

  6. Jack,

    Check out Teamviewer. I have it on my home computer so I can log into it from work if I need to get to something; or more likely, left my email open on my computer so I’m not getting any email on my phone. They also have a mobile version (for android at least). I’m happy with it so far.