Episode-27- Equipping the Survival Vehicle Beyond the Bug Out Bag

Join in on today’s show where we go “beyond the bug out bag” and cover the items and mind set to make your vehicle ready for both everyday and extraordinary emergencies.

Please note – That this podcast is a companion to our podcast on putting together a Bug Out Bag and only mentions items that should be kept in a vehicle in addition to those you keep in the typical 72 Hour Emergency Kit AKA The Bug Out Bag. Hence the list is not complete by itself. Please though do feel encouraged to mention additional items and ideas in the comments section.

Today we discuss,

  • The need for reserves of food and water in a vehicle beyond what is practical to carry on foot
  • How carrying simple additional parts like hoses and belts can save you untold grief
  • Equipping your vehicle with a complete set of tools
  • Focusing on increasing your options in any situation
  • Carrying reserve fuel and thinking in miles, not in gallons
  • Making changes based on your personal level of alert
  • Planning and documenting routes and keeping good navigational aids in your car or truck
  • Leaving planned routes behind for emergency responders in some situation
  • Blending in to your surroundings
  • Thoughts on survival firearms and security issues
  • The real risk of government seizure of firearms in some emergency situations and what it means to you
  • Ideas for additional defensive weapons beyond a gun
  • Ideas for communications devices including back up cell phones or two way radios
  • Practical simple things like a AAA Membership and keeping a vehicle well maintained
  • The importance of blending in vs. standing out – Forget the Camo!

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3 Responses to Episode-27- Equipping the Survival Vehicle Beyond the Bug Out Bag

  1. http://tirechain.com/VBAR.htm
    At NAPA I opened the bag to be sure
    I had v-bars. A youngster at my elbow
    asked incredulusly, ” Where you going
    you need something like that??”
    With v-bars on all four you can go through
    snow, ice, mud when noone else
    is moving.

  2. Vlad – also need to comment that many do not realize you need to DEFLATE you tires to 15 pounds to get through many holes that have you struck in them. This is mandatory for offroading, and always worked perfectly. Nothing else needed.

  3. Wonderful info, just one additional thing. Good leather gloves. Nothing worse than trying to pull a slippery road kill out of your steering linkage or a piece of tire with the little sharp wires sticking out all over thats hung under your car. They will be a life saver too on hot hoses and radiator caps. A few pair of nitrile or latex gloves are great too for helping at an accident scene or just having to get wrist deep in something you are unsure of or trying to stay clean on your way to work when you have to do repairs. These take up little space and should be in every car. They are a great adder to the 72 hour bag also. I have them in both.