Episode-909- Listener Calls for 5-25-12

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Today I take your calls on permaculture design, aquaponics, composting, judicial elections, dehydrated food, political incompetence vs. malice, beer and more.

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Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls On…

  • Questions for judicial candidates and selecting  a “good judge”
  • The storage life of dehydrated veggies
  • Composting with daily wastes, a few ways to make it work
  • Seeds growing from your compost, what will the results be like
  • Thoughts on “clean slate” permaculture design of raw land
  • Is our government malicious or incompetent or is it not so easy to pin down
  • What kind of beer do I drink/brew and why
  • How we can use swales to stop erosion
  • Can store bought lettuce kill tilapia, in at least one instance yes

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8 Responses to Episode-909- Listener Calls for 5-25-12

  1. TrekFanDan

    @ “Ryan(?) from Canada”

    Before you build your house..,
    -don’t forget to dig your “basement/ bunker/tornado shelter/ zombie refuge” first.
    …. maybe underground emergency water storage tanks,…. maybe add an additional hidden safe room outside of the basement to store food, guns, gold etc.
    It’s easier and cheaper to do these types of things ‘before’ the house is in the way.

  2. Want to chime in about my various compost experiences.

    As you said, the beauty is you can’t really get it too wrong, it just takes more or less longer with better or not so better results, but always usable. So that’s nice. I’ve recommend a number of times for single people who don’t generate much waste, the putting daily scraps under mulch is the easiest and highly effective method.

    But for “Compost”, the Bottom Line for me is:
    If you follow Lawton’s demonstration in Soils, it works amazingly well. I have a pile now that is getting close to done at about 18 days. Never had that before. So now I use my Spirko bins as collectors for kitchen scraps, you could do this with anything. Then some horse manure from my folks house, used dry timothy hay from my pet Rabbits, dried grass clippings whatever and it screams. Also use my own urine mixed with water and a little ag molasses for extra Booom! The most amazing thing is how a collection of not so pleasant input smells turns in to rich dirt that smells great. Oh, and I have nothing against using anything in the pile, including meats, citrus rinds, milk, whatever. I don’t have raccooons or anything like that to worry about. Picked up on this from Howard Garrett. Basically all that stuff about no meats or citrus, etc. is hooey and I’d have to agree looking at my pile now. It’s all gone, or rather transformed.

    Also, while I failed to get my company on board with a “wellness garden” as they cited liability issues (too bad, we have a nearly perfect, out of site 3/4 acre piece they’ll never do anything with), I just talked to the grounds keeper and I can take as many grass clippings as I want, and that’s thousands of pounds of worth from our campus if I wanted to. I asked about herbicides and got a 10 minute lecture on the evils of round up, so he’s using something more mild and at present nothing apparently.

  3. Jack, Please do not do a quote interpretation day. A good friend and I were just talking about quotes today, and how they’re good, to give you a general idea, but they’re horrible beyond that. You’ve got to read the quote in context, oftentimes, to get a rich picture! Much like a movie trailer, they should lead you in to the authors work. Give you a small sample. Unfortunately, (we agreed) it seems as a society, quotes have become fashionable, but as stand alone information. People don’t go back to the source and read the content, for some reason. I have met a hundred people who have heard an Emerson quote, loved it, and never read Emerson.

    Maybe there is some way to make it work, a quote show, but I think quotes have become very overblown. Quotes have become an authors worst nightmare! God forbid you should be quoted and never read.

  4. Matt Nellans


    Maybe more important than the judge, who is bound by law in many instances (think sentencing guidelines for drug cases), the election of a prosecutor could be more important. The prosecutor has immense discretion is crimes charges and the manner of prosecution.

    Just my two cents.

  5. Lidia Seebeck

    Beware also the pseudo-hybrid. See Carol Deppe for details.

  6. There was a call about a trail construction project. I am doing a similar project on my chunck of property. Anyway I downloaded a really nice manual from the Maine Dept of Enviromental Protection Bureau of Land and Water Quality. Called “Gravel Road Maintenance Manual, A Guide for Landowners on Camp and Other Gravel Roads”. It takes a aproch to slow the water when you can and what to do when you cant. I read it in one sitting. I am not sure what the rulles are on links but, I can send it if you are intrested. As a side note I spent a year building roads in the Hindu Kush mountains, and am an engineer thanks to the USAR. Jack, let me know about the link or if I can help with details on my projects.