Episode-898- Permaculture Design Considerations (TSP Classic Originally Epi-606)

Today’s Episode was originally broadcast a episode 606 in February of 2011.

In this episode we look at 11 design considerations when designing a permaculture food system. Honestly though permaculture or not these considerations really should be considered with all landscape development. Unfortunately they are largely ignored or misunderstood in America today.

By taking these 11 components into consideration you will see your property in a new light whether it is 1/10 of an acre, 10 acres or a 1000 acres. Of course there are more considerations and interactions than these 11 but by considering these factors in your design you will end up with a functional, productive and sustainable design.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Climate
  • Slope
  • Energy Patterns
  • Total Land Area
  • Desired Output
  • Wildlife Interactions
  • Zones
  • Layers
  • Time to Develop
  • Time to Maintain
  • Water Availability

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12 Responses to Episode-898- Permaculture Design Considerations (TSP Classic Originally Epi-606)

  1. Thanks Jack. I’m in the process now of doing this.

  2. This episode is one of my favorites and while other shows are deleted from my device and filed, this one stays put.

  3. I’ve had the same experience with peaches – fast gowth and quick productivity! Dead ripe peaches are all the proof I need that there is a God.

  4. Hey Jack was hoping you could could get ahold of me, i dont think my emails have been getting through


  5. Maybe the podcast explains it (just listening now), but if not, you have crazier ideas about spelling than I do.

  6. Josh Miller


    When you talk about slope I think about how my neighbors have flat lawns and mine has a decent slope. I live in Western Washington and we actually get a fair amount of rain a few times a year (or more…). If your lawn is flat over here your lawn will be soup during those time periods. Slope is a GOOD thing.


  7. Raymond "Shorty" Butler

    I am now learning grass management geared toward water conservation and I am learning that using long, medium and short rooted grasses pulls in along the line of 80% rain water/ soil saturation, which then holds and releases that water in springs increasing usable ground water. It also lowers erosion thus making your topsoil yours and not your neighbors. Finally those grasses are far more digestible in bovines making the meat more robust. The connections, once you start making them, just seem to take on a life of their own. Now imagine I were able to add swails to this system, imagine the water conservation, the ground covers added shrubs, trees here and there – possibilities.
    Great show all over again.

    Great Day


  8. After listening to the podcast and checking out “greening the desert”, I came across this article in Business Insider – This New Wind Turbine Produces Clean Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air ( http://read.bi/J3j8Sf ). Similar to the ecolo-blue humidity water collectors. I also listened to your podcast about the ZAI farming… This just re-enforces that famine and drought are mostly government created. There is absolutely no reason for hunger on this planet… The article says it can pull ~1000 ltr per day, pump that to swails and as my 2 yr old says “tooo daaa ” food and water…

  9. This episode is going on my Top 10 Survival Podcasts playlist.
    Great episode Jack!

  10. rich hutchins

    Is this the film you mentioned?
    Forgot to add link [i checked original post and also had no link]

  11. rich hutchins

    that may be part 2 – here might be the original:

  12. Hey Jack
    So I was referred to this podcast through a friend and this was ted first ep I’ve heard from you and man I have to say I love love love it already. Not only have I been into prepping recently but I’m starting my own landscaping business and am really into permaculture.
    Do you have any more info on this?
    Would love to hear more!
    If not I’ll still be listening to your work.
    Great stuff brother.
    RON PAUL 2012!