Episode-887- How to Talk to Others About Prepping

Today’s show is going to be very cool.  I actually got feedback for it on Zello this morning during my drive in and I am going to play part of that feedback for you in the lead off portion of the show today.  Remember anyone with a Android phone, an iPhone or a Mac or PC with speakers and a mic can join us at Zello.

Join Me Today As I Discuss…

  • Using Zello itself to get people thinking about possible disasters
  • Real feedback on Zello about talking to others about prepping form other TSP members
  • Use existing interests
  • Don’t use language like “when X happen Y will be the result”, use could and might
  • Use low resistance events as examples
  • Ask questions like do you think and what would you do if
  • Use follow up questions like, how long do you think that would work
  • If “non reality TV” comes up explain the truth about it
  • Why informing others is so important at this time in history

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

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20 Responses to Episode-887- How to Talk to Others About Prepping

  1. Randy from People's Republic of MA

    …OK, OK…I’ll shut up when my not-as-reluctant-as-a-month-ago spouse continues to slowly get on board 🙂

  2. Talking to sheep about prepping is really bad for OPSEC – so I don’t

    Sun Tsu says: “Bury your preps”

    just saying

    • Modern Survival

      @MmmBBQ, good luck going it alone you are damn well gonna need it.

      • Never said I was going it alone. I have some family and really good friends who know (2 who also prep) and would join together with them if ever gets that bad. But trying to make converts out of neighbors ahead of time will more likely than not get a guy killed post collaspe. (I’m talking about pandemic / EMP scenario) I know most of my neighbors and will work together when possible, but them knowing I’m a prepper is out of the question. IMHO of course…

      • btw I really enjoyed your show today as usual – just I am very cautious about what is said to who and from the way you laid it out it sounds like you are as well…as you take baby steps with them and you just maybe going further than I would.

  3. rich hutchins

    anyone else having the podcast feed not getting today’s file in itunes?

  4. Jack your closing to today’s show damn near brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for reminding me just why we do what we do! And yes, my great-grandparents also came from the “old-country” and I always thought my grandparents were a little kooky for all of the toilet paper and can goods they stored in their “root cellar”! This lit my fire to get back to some of the things I have been slacking doing! Thank you for a wonderful show!!

  5. Hahaha Jack said “tra la la la la” great show today

  6. I’ve use the “crack” of prepping, gardening. Most people garden and when I bring fresh fruit/vegetables/eggs/rabbit, they ask about it. That gets us talking. And talking to people who I wouldn’t usually group with. The old lady in HR who grows petunias, the hippy vegan chick, or the redneck who grew up on a farm. Get them to grow vegetables and they end up with a huge surplus, they come and ask what to do with it and I’ve got them : )

  7. Radicalized American

    I think I have actually been making progress with my fam damily, maybe its because there is a big difference between how they see me act, and what they see on tv
    I am not sure the producers are having to make the people look like nut jobs though, I have a military surplus store close to me, and they even advertise that “we watch doomsday preppers, how about you?”
    They could star in the show..

  8. TheMidwesterner

    With respect to OpSec and assuming most other people to be sheep, you needn’t expose everyone to everything, but nearly everyone can probably relate to at least one of the planks of modern survival.

    Gardening is obvious in the TSP community. Gun guys can also be fairly easy, what with some of the big national firearms/ammo catalogs jumping on the bandwagon and front-paging long-term storage food buckets.

    Some people aren’t into gardening or guns. Some people are into personal finance. Talk to them about debt reduction, if they’ve properly insured their lives and the objects in them, inflation, etc. Talk to them about investments in things other than stocks and bonds – durable goods and precious metals. Ask them if they think of their house as an investment, an ATM, or a place to live.

    Most people who feel they need a ‘shepherd’ already have one. Most everyone can use sheepdogs. People in the TSP community can be the sheepdogs who help corral the ‘sheep’ to one of the many trailheads of the many paths of preparedness. Once on the path they can walk the rest of the way on their own. One day they may be trying to bring you more into the fold. You can nonchalantly say “Yeah, I ought to think about doing some of that.”

  9. Good Show Jack! Lady I work with is getting ready to move to OK. She saw one of my big tubs in the back of my truck and commented how she wanted to pick up a box like that to put together a “tornado kit”. I opened the box and showed her what was in the box. Sleeping bag, few MREs, First Aid stuff, cook kit and stove, water, ect. She got interested fast. Wanted to know where she could buy MREs. She asked about local surplus stores. I told her to buy them on line. She was still interested, so I told her I knew this guy with a Podcast show that talked about this stuff in a practical way. I said if she paid for a membership on the site, she would get discounts to some of the best places on line to buy stuff like that. Told her I would email her a link to the website. I suggested a few shows to start with and told her to let me know what she thought. Hooked!

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  11. I refer to myself as a homesteader…and I insert the prepper things as I build rapport with the person. I find that the approach works well, even if I am not “true” to their literal definitions…

  12. traderspartan

    Just downloaded Zello. Looking forward to checking it out.

  13. Well i downloaded Zello and already chatted with w TSP listeners. There are several Survival Podcast channels for different areas. I’m going to play around with this and see how it works out but so far it has been interesting!

  14. Jack, Im on zello but cant seem to find the TSP channel you mentioned. It looks as if there are several listener generated zello channels, which one is yours?