Episode-848- My Presentation at the 2012 Liberty Forum

Today’s show has no introduction section it is simply the audio from the presentation I gave at the 2012 Liberty Forum in Nashua New Hampshire on Saturday Feb. 25th.  I have had a blast during my time up here with members of the Free State Project and this was one of the most enjoyable presentations I have ever done.

This is actually audio stripped from the video we shot of the performance.  The video itself will be made available later in the week.  This presentation covers the Twelve Tenets of Modern Survival Philosophy.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Prepare for Everything Including Nothing Going Wrong
  • Debt Is Cancer Kill It
  • Grow and Produce Some of Your Own Food
  • Tax Is Theft Pay Only What You Must
  • Stored Food is a Safe Investment
  • Understand Disaster Probability and Commonality
  • Green Energy Is For Independence Not Saving Polar Bears
  • Own Land and Make It Produce
  • Utilize Pragmatic Preparations
  • Have a Means of Defense
  • Have Full Documentation for Any Disaster Need
  • Develop Your Own Plan

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  1. matthew in Gooseneck Ga

    Ok good. I was hoping you would post the audio.

  2. matthew in Gooseneck Ga

    Jack have you heard of the free state Wyoming project? They are at http://WWW.freestatewyoming.org . What do you think of Wyoming as a “free state” project? Like in the book “Molon Labe”. What do you the chances are of either free state projects succeding ?

  3. Listening now as I was unable to attend in person because I was working my booth. Also finally got around to subscribing to the RSS feed.

    • Yep, good speech. I heard “Whiskey Rebellion” in there – he’s an awesome asset to the movement here in NH. Most of the talk is stuff I already know now, but would have been really good to have known about 7 years ago.

  4. Jack, thanks for coming up and supporting what we are doing up here. You were great on Saturday, and your speech was very well received by everyone. I think you woke a lot of people up.

    @Matthew, it depends how you qualify, success. But up here in NH, we have had a TON of success with just over 1,000 people.

    Defeating REAL ID, now over a dozen state reps, countless people on local committees, school boards, etc.

    We are winning everyday up here.

  5. Wish we could have been there but very glad you got this audio up. Next best thing to being there. Thanks

  6. I especially liked your view on tractors. I have a few that are getting close to 100 years old. Also, thanks for the new sponsorship. It makes it obvious how much you actually care about the audience.

  7. Jack,

    I’m literally left awe-struck. Every once in a while, you intend to do a show that rallies folks. Today’s show really has to make it to the tip-top of the list. You reminded us all why we do what we do, and you put things into perspective. Tying everything up with a neat little bow that was your presentation serves as a very effective rally cry. Use that to your advantage (as I know you will) and help us all to draw more folks into the fold.

    Great job, Brother!

  8. Here is some good info on the “Jack Shift Encryption System”, also known as the “caesar cipher”.

    re: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_cipher

    “The method is named after Julius Caesar, who used it in his private correspondence.”

  9. Sorry I missed you while you were in the area Jack.Hope you liked it here. Maybe next year?

  10. Haha… woow talk about hittin-it outta da park man!!!


  11. Awesome speech Jack. And while I’m not a part of the FSP, I do support what they’re doing there. What an awesome thing for you to do for them!

  12. Awesome talk – you hit it out of the park!

  13. Jack, you were impressive with the crowd as your ‘ten tenets’ resounded with them.

  14. This is also a great intro podcast for anyone new!

    just came across these stories.

    Judge Rules Refusing to Decrypt Hard Drive is Covered by Fifth Amendment

    Finally, a smoking gun connecting livestock antibiotics and superbugs
    Finally, a smoking gun connecting livestock antibiotics and superbugs

    Would We Have Drugged Up Einstein? How Anti-Authoritarianism Is Deemed a Mental Health Problem

  15. Excellent talk Jack. You really got your points across well and you had me laughing a couple of times. Really really great show, well done.

  16. Really great podcast. It was cool to hear you speak in front of a live audience – gave me someone to chuckle along with. I really admire your ability to speak articulately and passionately while still maintaining a light and positive energy. Just one more way you inspire me. Thanks.

  17. Hey Jack, great overview or intro to “practical preparedness.” You should add that audio to your welcome page as its a great primer and touches on a lot of important topics that your daily shows go into more detail on.

    Quick question: did you do a show on backup batteries that you mentioned in the seminar? I was concerned about the noise from a generator at night and hadn’t considered using a battery bank and inverter. If you haven’t done a show on that, could you touch on that or address it in a future show and how you incorporate your solar panels into it and what you can devices or appliances you can actually run from such a setup? Great idea. Thanks.

  18. “Vote for what you you believe in, not who you think can win.” Jack, I just listened to this episode, and for the first time, I really got this. It stuck me hard and I appreciate it. Thank you.

  19. It’s all been said already, but I’ll add one more name to the list of folks who loved it.

    Great stuff man. I’ve listened to your 12 planks episode before, but your live audience delivery was even better.

    I love the “start your preps small and gradually get bigger” approach. I use the phrase “not all survival is created equal.” It might be nice to know how to make a radiation dosimeter, but not having water WILL kill you in a few days. Prepare for the most likely, most frequently occurring stuff first.

    Thanks for making us proud out there buddy.

  20. is there a link to the video from the Liberty Forum?

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