Episode-837- Matthew Stein on Prepping, Herbals, Self Reliance and More — 18 Comments

  1. The inert ingredients in Vicks Vaporub or a generic brand of same also works to cure toenail fungus.

    MMS is also anthelmentic, kills internal parasites.

    • Orlov is another good author to read with respect to the Soviet collapse and potential similarities & differences to expect in a US collapse.

  2. This episode was really helpful. I have been battling some kind of respiratory issue all year. I just can’t seem to shake it and my doctor says it’s asthma. I immediately ordered some Hyssop. I hadn’t heard of it prior to today and to be honest I’ve always sort of poo poo’d herbal remedies as hippie stuff. Mr Stein convinced me otherwise.

    I am also going to look into the diffuser and tea tree oil thing. Jack, you may have saved my life!!

  3. Very interesting episode. It would be good to make a summary of which herbs/meds are good to store & which ailments they are for from this episode.

    A thought: Wrt gold & silver in your portfolio, if you’re like a lot of us and actually have negative net worth in real estate, I think 5-10% in PMs is too low – that’s an awful lot of paper! If on the other hand you have significant real estate pieces of net worth, that is reasonable.

  4. I’ve had hyssop tea before. There is a book that I have that makes all kinds of wild claims about Hyssop. At first I believed it, then I had some doubts. It’s hard to find hyssop tea. I had to special order it from whole foods. I used it for awhile because it is supposed to help with anxiety. It seemed like it helped, but I also wondered if it could be one of those what do you call it sugar pill effects. I see sand mountain herb sells seeds for hyssop. Maybe I should get some.

  5. Excellent show!!

    Regarding the diffusers, would it work the same to use a misting humidifier? I thought about making a “tea” using some lavender I have then adding that to the humidifier tank along with some tea tree oil.

    I am constantly battling sinus infections, 3 or 4 times a year. I hate having to take meds to clear it up.


  6. Jack,

    Great show. I’d love to see you go in depth sometime about Colloidal Silver. I’ve heard everything from it’s a cure all to it being nothing more than snake oil. Maybe an alternative health mythbusters type of episode with homeopathy and other more controversial methods.

    • Roger that, it would be a good show. Jack did cover the six basic herbs and growing them in conjunction with the medicinal/anti-viral attributes of them a few months back. That might be a good show to look up in the archives.

    • There’s a Peterson’s Field Guide out on wild edible plants. I take it with me when I hike sometimes and try and identify edible plants. It’s a really great guide and very durable. They also have a medicinal plant guide.