Episode-75- Basics and Thoughts on Reloading

Today I took a shot at a show on reloading.  It may be a bit fragmented as discussion a detailed process with out video or images is difficult, but many have asked for a reloading show so we now have one.

Tune in today to hear…

  • The basic process of reloading
  • Why custom ammo is more accurate and what custom means to a reloader
  • How you can load rounds and combination of components you can’t get from
  • Why reloading saves money
  • Thoughts on not over doing your fist purchases
  • How powder is measured by volume and checked by a scale
  • The importance of origination and a system for safety
  • Recommended manuals that give easy to understand instructions and good data
  • My recommendation on the Lee Anniversary Kit as a starter
  • Choosing a single stage press when you start out
  • Thoughts on a progressive press for high volume loading
  • The survival value of reloading
  • A bit on casting your own bullets
  • The value of “reduced loads”

Load Data for my Reduced 44 Special Load (From the Lee Manual – First Edition, Do NOT reduce further)

This is a 44 Special Load from an older Lee Manual.  Do NOT reduce any further!

300 Grain Lead Bullet
Standard Large Pistol Primer
9.8-11.5 grains of H227

I settled on an even 10 Grains of Powder.  In a 20 Inch barreled 1894 Marlin 44 Magnum it is quieter then most Break Barrel Pellet guns and will penetrate 7 inches of solid pressure treated lumber at 25 yards and is accurate to about 50 yards before the low velocity takes over and drop becomes extreme.

Similar loads should be possible for rounds like,

357 Mag – Try light 38 Spc Loads
45 Colt – Try Cowboy Action Loads to start out

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4 Responses to Episode-75- Basics and Thoughts on Reloading

  1. Thanks for the introduction to this topic. I’ve been thinking about reloading, but haven’t known where to start. Now I do.

  2. What happens if you have too light of load ?

    Where can I get a 32acp to .308 subcaliber device (adaptor) ?

  3. a fantastic resource to reloading is the ‘abc’s of reloading’ by Bill Chevalier. got it from amazon for about 15-16 bucks. For the novice, this is the place to start before you buy any equipment.


  4. Thanks for the info. I wondered how hard it was to do.