Episode-684- Keith Snow on Cooking With Grains, Legumes and Other Preps

Chef Keith Snow left a multi 6 figure income in one of Aspen’s most exclusive restaurants to follow his passion of health eating, seasonal cooking, country living, gardening and preparedness.

Today he joins us to discuss cooking with your preps including using your whole grains, legumes like beans and lentils, pastas, canned foods and more.

Armed with a complete set of resources to make the locavore movement inviting, accessible and easy for the home cook, Chef Keith Snow has spent the last four years using web 2.0 to propel his mission. In 2006, Keith developed and launched Harvest Eating, a unique social network dedicated to seasonal cooking.

Subscribers to his website receive weekly newsletters and visitors to the website gain access to an ever-growing library of over 325 cooking demonstration videos and over 800 categorized recipes.

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

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10 Responses to Episode-684- Keith Snow on Cooking With Grains, Legumes and Other Preps

  1. Reid da Silva

    Keith Snow rocks. Thanks Jack.

  2. We have always made our hummus raw (soaked and ground in Vita Mix) rather than cooked and it is delicious. Is there a reason you would not?

  3. didn’t listen to this podcast but I know Jack checks the comments

    The inside story on Monsanto and the glyphosate birth defect data

  4. Great show!

    Thanks guys!

    Being from Eastern Europe, I know the advantages of the Mediterranean diet and the use of olive oil. Here is an article about some of its benefits:


  5. I tried listening to this podcast but got way to hungry! 😀

  6. Loved this! I looked for “Montreal” seasoning on the website and didn’t see it. Is it called something else?

  7. We made the cream of tomato soup. Used fresh tomatoes basil from my garden. It tastes GREAT
    and was so simple and fast to make.

  8. Ray from Detroit

    Hello-Ray’s wife here. I made the Arroz con Pollo Chef Keith Snow talked about in this episode. It was fabulous! I have the cookbook as well…my mom got it for me for my birthday and I am really excited to start using some of the veggies we get from the CSA we joined this year. Thanks Jack and thanks Chef Snow!

  9. Brian from Brazil

    hey gang,

    I just made the arroz con pollo. Came out pretty good for the first time. I love the simplicity of this dish.

    Thanks Jack and Keith!

  10. Where’s that chicken in the dutch oven recipe? It sounded very good. Based on the interview I had to purchase to cook book.