Episode-666- Jack Spirko on Rational Public Radio

Right now most likely I am on the road towing a U-Haul Trailer with Max the dog and Ralf the cat in my truck.  Behind me is my wife Dorothy who has Blackie the other dog and Alice the other cat with her.

We are on our final convoy to the Arkansas homestead.  So today I am re broadcasting an interview I gave to Rational Public Radio a few weeks back.  If you enjoy the interview consider subscribing to the Rational Public Radio Podcast, they have a lot of thought provoking subject matter very much in line with the themes in Atlas Shrugged.

There is also a special thank you at the beginning of today’s show, an MSB discount code for a great discount off your first year of the MSB and a look at what will be coming after the move.

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8 Responses to Episode-666- Jack Spirko on Rational Public Radio

  1. Good show. Great clarity on tactics and defense without going overboard, and to the point.

    Well Done, Thanks again.

  2. @ Jack…”50% of the people in this country don’t pay (income) tax”…but you knew that.

    It’s NOT class warfare, but it doesn’t make me want to make any more money either. It actually makes me limit what I and my wife make so we don’t get to the next “bracket” for a bigger hit.

    Flat tax or preferably no income tax is “fair”.

  3. the optimist

    I enjoyed that show a lot, so I went to the “RPR” podcasts to check them out, and have listened to 4 so far. I have to say I truly believe that you are lowering yourself by associating with these rightwing, bigoted, name-calling crankyboys. It does not help any discussion to call people they don’t agree with names like stupid liars (some of the less inflammatory things…). THEY are spreading some big ole whoppers on their podcasts. Pretty disturbing stuff, in my opinion. YMMV.

  4. It was a good interview. However, after visiting their website, I won’t be listening to any of their other shows. Their anti-religious bias is very annoying & also very ill informed. They are, perhaps, not as reasoned or well researched as they like to believe.

  5. “The number of the beast” (iron maiden sound byte)

    Ok couldn’t resist

  6. The show was your usual good advice. The views on the podcast and website of RPR on the other hand didn’t really do anything for me. Won’t be listening to RPR anytime soon. They are most definitely not up to par with the level of professionalism you normally associate yourself with.

  7. Man!

    That was really a great interview. I think that because Jack is constantly verbalizing his ideas his whole philosophy has become very well integrated, concise, logical, and practical.

    He keeps getting better.

  8. I liked the show. I checked out RPR, and thought it was interesting.