Episode-639- Ron Hood on Every Day Carry

Ron Hood is one of the nation’s best known survival trainers with experience going back to the ASA (Army Security Agency) and even taught survival courses in colleges such as UCLA and Cal State.  His DVDs are well known in the community and cover all aspects of urban and wilderness survival.  Today Ron joins us to discuss EDC.

Note – There is some static in the first few minutes of the interview, we didn’t notice it during the recording but it only lasts for the first few minutes of the interview and then goes away.  Skype audio is an art not a science.

Join us today as we discuss…

  • Why have EDC in the first place, isn’t a BOB or a vehicle kit good enough
  • Common items everyone should carry
  • Not so common items that Ron and I personally carry
  • Adapting common items for EDC kit use
  • Lethal and non lethal self defense carry items
  • Thoughts on lock picking, it’s not just for criminals
  • Times when EDC, saved the day or made it better

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17 Responses to Episode-639- Ron Hood on Every Day Carry

  1. Great Show! You guys are a riot!!

    Great idea talking about cancer, its still prepping because everyone should be mentally prepared if you or your loved one gets it. My wife has cancer and you guys are spot on about how it effects her moods and depression and I was totally shocked about how it effects me and I dont even have cancer. Its a real challenge to stay upbeat and positive through all the stuff you have to go through to fight this disease. Getting cancer is the SHTF scenario. It will change everything in your life and plans. Be prepared for it by reading about it and about alternative treatments and about normal treatments. Know what to expect.

  2. Just because women are “accustomed” to mood swings, doesn’t mean we like them. I *wish* I had the crying thing happen more often. Instead, I get ticked at any little thing and make DH want to crawl into a cave over nothing.

    @Robert VB: I don’t believe in magic bullets, but I’ve heard great things about marine phytoplankton and cancer. I think it would be a worthy supplement to add to your wife’s diet at this time. My 2cents, take or leave.

  3. Robert, been there done that. And yes, cancer is a SHTF scenario. My husband, before he died, said,”The end of the world is not necessarily an event. Everyone will experience the end of their world at one time or another”. Live the best you can. Be the best you can, in all things. We do take what we learn here into the next life.

  4. Andrew Martin

    NOSTRAJACK!! lol

  5. RE: Today’s audio quality:




    Whatever equipment or connection you guys had, try and duplicate it in the future.

  6. I to have been looking for a quality folding knife that takes a standard razor blade. I use mine daily and the junk from home depot is getting old. Just ordered one of these from amazon. http://www.besseytools.com/en/subcategory.php?ASIMOID_MC=000000000001f0a400030023&ASIMOID_SC=0000000000014fc700060023

  7. Speaking of switchblades…Finally a new law that makes sense – Maine legalizes switch blades for one armed people. http://tinyurl.com/3pt4wbq

  8. I loved this show Jack. The info was great and gave me some new ideas to implement into my EDC. Also, to hear what Ron has gone through and how he’s handled/handling it is inspiring. Thanks to both of you for this show.


  9. ModernSurvival

    @Oil Lady that is always the case when the other person also has skype and we are recording skype to skype, unfortunately not all the people I interview have skype.

  10. Ron Hood’s recovery is a survival story that was the best part of this podcast.

  11. I loved this show with Ron! What a great interview.He has a world of knowledge,it would be great to have him on more and focus on one or two ares of prepping/survival at a time.It could be worked into a nice series of interviews.

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  13. One thing on the Para cord bracelets. A lot of military guys like to wear them, not for preparedness they think it looks cool but the higher-ups hate it and have made it “UNAUTHORIZED”. An easy way around this is to make the 550 cord bracelet into a “watchband”. Using black helps too.

  14. My last two Buck knives were made in China… One a fixed blade for hunting and a 3″ folder. Both were great knives but not as nice as my Gerbers.