Episode-601- Sam Benowitz of Raintree Nursery on Unusual Edible Plants

Edible Dogwood - Just One of Many Unique Fruits Available at Raintree

Today we have Sam Benowitz founder of Raintree Nursery with us to discuss unique and unusual plants and trees from all over the world and the work Raintree does to rediscover lost plant varieties.  I promise you that if sit down with a Raintree Catalog you will find plant varieties you can grow that you probably never even knew existed.   You can request the Raintree Catalog at this link.

When I asked Sam the first question I was literally blown away at the commonalities between the mission of Raintree and The Survival Podcast community, it literally sounded at times that he was quoting from “The Revolution is You”.

It also turns out that Sam and I share a common Ukrainian heritage and that many of the plants Raintree sells originally come from the Ukraine where my family immigrated from around the turn of the 19th Century.

Join Us Today to Learn…

  • What makes growing food a revolutionary act
  • The mission of Raintree Nursery
  • The importance of knowledge about the needs of the plants you grow
  • Cross pollination requirements for various plants
  • Extending your season by staggering early, late and ever bearing varities
  • Primocane vs floricane berries
  • Ordering live plants at the right time of the year and shipping issues
  • Maximizing small properties with compact highly productive vines

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8 Responses to Episode-601- Sam Benowitz of Raintree Nursery on Unusual Edible Plants

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  2. Great show today! Although I did feel like breaking out my old black light posters and Pink Floyd albums for a while. LOL

  3. Great podcast Jack and thanks for the wisdom Sam. Good to hear you back!!!

  4. Fantastic show!! Keep having him back, he has tons of knowledge.

  5. got me thinking about a sea buckthorn melomel and found this one
    to bad rain tree does not ship to canada


    well enjoy
    The Snow Ant,

  6. I know I am a couple weeks after the episode making this blog post, so I hope it won’t go unnoticed.

    I live in NW Oregon, so I made the road trip up to RainTree Nursery last weekend. Between my sister & I, we dropped over $500 and had the bed of my truck full of all sorts of food producing plants.

    I did business with RainTree last season as well, and one of the trees I purchased did not survive. According to their on-staff horticulturist, its root system failed. RainTree was gracious enough to replace it at no charge. Although I brought it along, they did not even want to look at the dead stick to verify my claim. It is a rare vendor these days who will take a customer at their word.

    For fun, I picked up one of their Johnny Appleseed trees. They have starts that were taken from a genuine Johnny Appleseed tree. They are not known to be the best apples, but I’ll bet livestock won’t be picky. The apples are also known for making good hard cider.

    On the subject of Cornelian Cherries… I have heard Jack talk about them on numerous shows. I made the decision to get one started, only to find out RainTree does not have any for sale this season. They are listed in the print catalog, but cannot be found on the website. I do wonder if Jack’s multiple mentions of Cornelian Cherries has resulted in a supply & demand situation?

    As for Jack’s other recommendations… I did pick up some kiwi plants. It looks like they will take a good three seasons to get trained & established, so time will tell. And I picked up some raspberries….which will go into a hugelkultur bed in the next week.

    Thanks Sam, for coming on show and for having such a cool nursery!

  7. Hey Jack –

    Maybe you’ll get some new followers… Raintree has posted a link to this episode!

    Spread the word!

  8. Just purchased a pair of Kiwi plants form Raintree. I love their delivery concept and that by the time it gets here, HOPEFULLY my last frost will have happened…. Thanks all!