Episode-595- Baldy and the Blonde Invade TSP

Two of my favorite libertarian minded people join us on TSP today.  Join me as I interview Tom Kowitz and Michelle Gaudin better known as Baldy and the Blonde.

Tom and Michelle do a show every Wednesday on WGSO 990 AM in New Orleans Louisiana.

Their show called of course “The Baldy and the Blonde Show” focuses on individual liberty and the encroachment on the same by the State.

To learn more about Tom and Michelle’s show and work please visit BaldyAndTheBlonde.com

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Why two normal people went out and became radio personalities
  • How they managed to do that
  • What they are truly motivated by
  • How you could do the same if you wanted to
  • How buying radio time can get you off the ground faster than just a podcast
  • Thoughts on some current concerns
    • State and City Level Bankruptcy
    • State sovereignty as a convenience vs a constant
    • The Constitution only seems to apply when it favors the State
    • The “big cut” from a 3.8 down to a 3.7 billion dollar budget (sarcasm meter pegged)
    • J.P. Morgan making a fortune on the food stamp program
    • Lessons from Hurricane Katrina
    • The story of the average person’s common sense the media never told you about New Orleans

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7 Responses to Episode-595- Baldy and the Blonde Invade TSP

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  2. Good show always like hearing from Baldy And The Blond.

  3. Thank you for having us on your show, Jack! We learn something new every time we talk to you. Keep up the good work!

  4. Crispy Critter

    Great! Something else to look forward to when I visit New Orleans again.
    Enjoyed the show, even though it sounded like Michelle was holding back on what sounded like a lovely accent. Tom didn’t sound like he was holding back on anything 😉

    Thanks for a lively and entertaining show.

  5. For all you Android users, there’s an app called “TuneIn” that let’s you listen live to thousands of radio stations across the world, WGSO 990 is included so you can listen anywhere on your phone.

  6. Thanks Jack for the great interview.For all my fellow TSPers, here is the direct link to Jack’s three radio interviews on our show: http://www.baldyandtheblonde.com/jack-spirko.html

  7. I’ve always believed that the federal government uses their power of printing money out of thin air to put state governments at a disadvantage. States don’t have that power. (Nor should they–but federal government should follow the same rules) Then the federal government uses money to control the states. If you want federal funding for xyz then you must do xyq. Now the people in their state are taxed through various means, and if the states don’t play along, then that money is spent in other states, irregardless of the source of those funds. Now if only the states could say something like we’ll provide those services for our people, no longer tax our people for such, we’ll handle it ourselves.

    Many years back I went to a private university there was a controversy over equal right proposals, part of it was quite silly such as no public bathrooms labeled men or women, but shared bathrooms. (don’t think anyone was arrested nor prevented from using the other gender’s bathroom) I don’t remember all the details, but one thing stuck out, the university’s stand to not change (co-ed bathrooms etc) at the risk of losing federal funding. The university wasn’t funded by government, neither state nor federal, thus no funds to be lost. Pell grants and student loans could be at risk. But because they were privately funded the federal government did not have the power over the university it would have held otherwise.

    Now states aren’t privately funded, and thus in a different situation than a private university. Yet anytime anyone, any group depends on outside funding, they lose a certain amount of freedom, control. Thus when we give much of our income up in taxes, then government regulates what we have to do to get it back, such as buy a new car (loan), have your working old one (paid for) shredded up and we’ll give you some of your money back. Why there has to be a cap on money the government is allowed to spend, create. Why things need to be scaled down to give people more freedom.