Episode-594- Herbal Actions Part 4

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Today we wrap up the four part series on Herbal Actions.   An herbal action is the specific effects any herb has on a body.  Most herbal guides list these actions and understanding them will improve your effectiveness with herbs.

On this episode of The Survival Podcast we will review 10 more of 40 primary herbal actions which will wrap up our 4-part series.

Today we cover the following ten herbal actions alterative, anticatarrhal, anti-oxidant, astringent, demulcent, emollient, febrifuge, glactagogue, hypnotic and stomachic.

Join Me As We Discuss the Follow Actions and Corresponding Herbs

  • Alterative – Gradually restores health and vitality to the body by helping the body assimilate nutrients, eliminate waste and restore proper function.
    • Some alterative herbs – Nettle, Garlic and Chickweed
  • Anticatarrhal – Counteracts the build-up of excess mucus and inflammation in the sinus and other upper respiratory parts.
    • Red Clover, Elderberry, Wild Cherry, Ginger, Garlic
  • Anti-oxidant – Protects the body against free radical damage.  Free radicals are highly reactive compounds that bind to and destroy other molecules.
    • Goji (Wolf) Berry, Sage, Black Pepper, Oregano and many more
  • Astringent – Contracts, firms and strengthens body tissues by precipitating proteins and an reduce excess secretions and discharge.
    • Calendula, Plantain, Sea Buckthorn
  • Demulcent – Mucilaginous herbs which relax, soothe and protect tissue.
    • Comfrey, Marshmallow, Slippery Elm, Sea Buckthorn
  • Emollient – Applied to the skin to soften, soothe and protect
    • Almond, Violet, Sea Buckthorn, Chamomile
  • Febrifuge – Assists the body to reduce fever
    • White Willow, Peppermint, Dandelion
  • Galactagogue – Increases the flow of mothers milk
    • Basil, Dill and Garlic
  • Hypnotic – Has a powerful relaxant and sedative action and helps to to induce sleep.
    • California Poppy, Chamomile, Passion Flower
  • Stomachic – Stimulative tonic to the stomach
    • Basil, Lemon Balm and Rose

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3 Responses to Episode-594- Herbal Actions Part 4

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  2. Hello, I find your show very interesting and I like to learn more about using wild plants, but as I live in Scandinavia, the plant names you use are sometimes hard to find the correct scientific name for. For example if I google chickweed and use wiki it referes to 5 different plant families, so I would like it very much if you could put the correct scientific names next to the common names in the show notes.

    Best wishes and thanks for a good show

    Johan from Sweden

  3. Jack, Thanks for these 4 episodes. You really enlightened me to the world of herbal medicine. For some reason I’ve always thought herbal treatments were some kind of voodoo but you’ve gotten me interested to the point that my wife and I will be planting more of the mentioned herbs in our garden this year and I will be checking out a couple of the books you recommended on this subject.

    Thanks again,