Episode-588- Listener Feedback 1-17-11

Time to get into another round of listener feedback on a Monday morning.  Today we discuss a new food crisis, the GMO chicken, getting started as a college student, your first garden and more. Remember to submit content for this type of show send an email with “question for jack” in the subject line to jack at thesurvivalpocast.com

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Growing that first spring garden
  • Getting started as a prepper when you are still in college
  • Is the “fair tax” really fair is it really a solution
  • Can you bring down the Fed by not using money
  • How can you quickly convert silver to cash in an emergency
  • Thoughts on outstanding loans to a 401K or IRA account
  • Now the GMO chicken, immune to bird flu, are you gonna eat it?
  • Does it pay to carry a mortgage vs. own a home debt free
  • The mint says they are selling more silver then ever, what does it mean
  • Here we go with global food shortages again

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3 Responses to Episode-588- Listener Feedback 1-17-11

  1. Found this through one of the links. Great vid, very educational.


  2. Let’s keep in mind that one of the key reasons for our low inflation numbers here in the US is the direct manipulation of the number to keep it low so that COLAs (Cost Of Living Adjustments) do not have to be paid out based on a higher CPI (Consumer Price Index). The only reason for taking food and energy out of the CPI is to maintain false low numbers.

    For the same reason, the government’s unemployment numbers do not take into account the people who have dropped out of the search. The U-6 number is a much truer reflection of real unemployment than the usually reported U-3 number.

    Lies, damned lies, and statistics!

  3. Cashing out the 401k to buy pitchfork shields for the children? You had me laughing all the way home, Jack!