Episode-544- Five Lies that Attack Individual Liberty

Today we have a rebroadcast of a show I did back in August 27th, 2008.  I decided this would be a good show to have on during my absence to Arkansas where I am laying wood flooring getting ready for our move there this winter. I want you to think about some of these things in contrast with the so called “historic election” that just occurred yesterday.  My belief is until some of these underlying issues no matter who is in charge we will get the same results with a different marketing message.   Today’s podcast may challenge some of your beliefs and might even make you angry at times. That just means is isn’t the same old – same old.

Keep in mind that this show was done in 2008 before the economic crash when all the talking heads were telling us that things were going to be just fine and countless advisors were telling people to buy Bank of America stock because it had dropped in price due to “guilt by association”.

Tune in to get my thoughts about,

  • The lie that “its a consumer driven economy and there is nothing wrong with that” and how it is driving people and our nation into the oppression of debt.
  • The lie of “no child left behind” and that “everyone should go to college” and how it is destroying our economy and making us dependent on illegal immigrant labor
  • The noble professions no one goes to college to do and why we need quality people to do them
  • The lie that “The Constitution gives us rights” and how that lie grants government power that it does not and should not have
  • Why The Constitution does not “apply to Americans” and how it actually applies to humans
  • The lie of class warfare and how it convinces you that you don’t have what you want because of some other group
  • The class structure of Europe that we left behind and why it needs to stay there
  • The lie that “you can’t do it” or “you can’t make it” with out government help and how the government is actually the problem that limits individual achievement
  • The lie of being told what you want or told what is a success or a failure or what you need
  • Why no matter who runs Washington we all still have the ability to declare individual liberty
  • How we lost the attitude of “this family doesn’t take charity” and how that is killing us
  • How the individual spirit and personal fortitude is stronger then any law, government or situation
  • How many of the “poor” are really free and many of the most “successful” are enslaved by life and debt
  • How your personal action, personal spirit and determination are your greatest survival asset

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6 Responses to Episode-544- Five Lies that Attack Individual Liberty

  1. Thank you for reposting this episode today. I think it is perfect thing to listen to on the day after an election.

  2. Enjoy your time off, it is well earned!

  3. A bold and lucid podcast – I kind of miss those days.

    A challenging question – does the constitution apply to those people some call “illegal immigrants?” “Terrorists?”

    Just to be sure – I completely agree with this podcast – thanks 🙂


  4. Modern Survival


    Of course the constitution applies to illegal immigrants” and terrorists. That doesn’t mean they get to continue with illegal or terrorist activity.

    That doesn’t mean they won’t get deported or in the case of a terrorist put in prison or executed if they have committed murder.

    The should of course have right to council and right to remain silent, etc.

    The problem with the concept of no rights for a “terrorist” is that word is defined by whoever is in power at the time.

  5. Love the show, Jack. Have been listening for several months now and I really like the flashback episode idea for when you’re away. New content is always best, but a “top pick from the past” is right up there.

    Maybe you spoke about this more back then (I haven’t made it through all the back episodes), but it was great to hear the F word on the show today… Fascism. So often Socialism is mentioned, but I don’t think that fully encompasses the nature of the threat to human liberty today. In fact, I believe the over-arching threat is a new hybrid of Fascism/Socialism, which makes it difficult for most people to see and therefore oppose. They represent two opposing sides of the political spectrum, from the Right and the Left, and seem on the surface antithetical to each other. But in a world where multi-national corporations rival actual countries for size and influence, without being constrained by borders, they are every big as a threat as a One World Government.

    But I will say, I think the default mode to mention only Socialism when describing the current threat (as is often the case, perhaps if only for expediency) actually hurts the effort to get the word out and recruit new people to the prepper/homesteader/self-sufficient lifestyle who would be otherwise open to it. The charge of Socialism is often used as code to slur Democrats (in our two-party American system). It simultaneously alienates them while allowing the Totalitarian impulses on the Right/Republican side to go unchallenged/unexamined in their minds. You do such a good job of clearly labeling and describing the nature of these threats that this always seemed like an odd oversight to me. Perhaps you’ve covered this in depth in the past, in which case I look forward to hearing about it some more. Thanks.

  6. Ah… Jack, your voice sounds younger in this episode – been two years! 🙂
    And the “Another day, another dollar” song reminded me of good ol’ times.
    Thanks for everything, man!