Episode-53- Attracting Wildlife to Your Property

Today we discuss different methods for attracting wildlife to your property such as providing feed, shelter and water sources that appeal to various game animals.  With proper management native wild life can become part of your permaculture efforts.

There is also a stern warning for South Texans threatened by Hurricane Ike and a lesson about listening to your inner voice when it warns you to take action.

Tune in today to learn…

  • Methods of provideing shelter and cover that attract wild life
  • Different options for nesting boxes and other shelters
  • Methods to provide water including ponds, steams and tanks
  • Advice on using feeders and a cool squirrel feeder
  • Advice for building brush piles and staying safe when doing so
  • Different hard mast trees that attract wild life
  • What you can do on land from 1 acre to 100 acres
  • Balancing attraction of wild life with crop protection
  • Harvesting wild life as part of permaculture efforts
  • Advice on preserving hard mast trees on your property

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4 Responses to Episode-53- Attracting Wildlife to Your Property

  1. Jack, excellent topic, and one that people in cities should practice as well (insofar as increasing the diversity of plants and wildlife that lives with the city and helping to encourage local species that might otherwise be threatened by human developments).

    I have to say congratulations though, 53 episodes and a great podcast all around; I hope for many more (even after you vacate to Arkansas).

  2. You are absolutely right about evacuate if you are in the flood zones (A and B). I am in a safe spot for the area.

  3. Great Podcast! I’ve never even thought about things like that were necessary. Thanks!

  4. I’ve been attracting wildlife including deer to my Ozark homestead for decades. There is a downside, I haven’t been able to plant fruit trees for fear of the deer eating the tops out of the bushes. Deer, an other “critters” are destructive on gardens as well. While I love watching the deer you should consider how you are going to keep them out of your crops.