Episode-524- Developing Personal Seed Vaults

Governments, corporations and international organizations are all developing “seed vaults” for many reasons.  One is that seeds in and of themselves are life, they feed us and they are the way species of plants survive and continue to propagate themselves.  Second while telling us that GMO crops are safe, they are acutely aware of the damage potential they pose and the potential for entire varieties of plants to be wiped out by cross pollination with GMO based crops.  Third due to monopolization and marketing by seed companies many varieties are simply no longer being grown and due to that the variety is in danger of extinction and forever being lost to history.  Fourth seeds are the ability to produce food and energy and energy and food are forms of wealth.

Join me today as I discuss….

  • The why behind personal seed vaults
  • How seeds are first order wealth that can produce second order wealth
  • Some seeds are food and some foods are seed
  • Tiny seeds equal massive storage potential
  • Buying seeds at the end of the season (yes but)
  • Rotational planting varieties to keep fresh stock
  • Developing stocks of “wild seed”
  • The enemies of seed (light, moisture, heat)
  • Rice is a cheap and effective desiccant
  • Understanding “germination rates”
  • Getting seeds in exchanges
  • Learning more about saving seeds
  • Open pollination vs heirloom vs hybrid vs GMO
  • Planting on foreign soil (guerrilla and borrowed land)

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3 Responses to Episode-524- Developing Personal Seed Vaults

  1. Great show, Jack. This is a topic I’ve always meant to read about, but have never gotten around to it. Incidentally, it gave me an idea for an interesting Sci-Fi story.

  2. I also bought a some discount seed packets as well as kept seeds from this year crop. I kept the big seeds from a pepper as well as the tiny blossom seeds. I am growing 2 pepper seeds from the same plant, just to see what happens.