Episode-520- Chef Keith Snow Joins Us To Discuss Harvest Eating

Today on The Survival Podcast we are joined by Chef Keith Snow to discuss what he calls “Harvest Eating”.  Harvest eating is right up the alley of the TSP audience because it is about cooking with food growing in your own back yard or acquired from local sources, it is about cooking seasonally the way everyone did before global systems made eating food from Argentina and Australia routine for Americans.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • How Keith found happiness by going from Executive Chef to cooking in a barn
  • What exactly is Harvest Eating all about
  • What makes the Harvest Eating website different
  • Why preppers and modern survivalists should learn about Harvest Eating
  • How gardening fits into healthy eating habits
  • The role of herbs in gardening and cooking
  • Cooking with items you don’t find in stores
  • Why you should NOT try to directly emulate restaurant food
  • A few tips to change up your cooking that are simply amazing
  • Making a pan sauce, stop throwing away your best ingreedents
  • Making stock from left overs
  • Some simple and awesome recipes you can start making today
  • Canning, dehydrating and preserving the harvest
  • Why local eating should be part of the prepper lifestyle

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7 Responses to Episode-520- Chef Keith Snow Joins Us To Discuss Harvest Eating

  1. Have not listened Jack, but I’m saving this one for my 14hr road trip to see my mom

    I am overwhelmed with the harvest. Dehydration/canning/freezing. It is a bit much.

    This will come in handy next year

  2. Glad you had Keith on the TSP today. I look forward to learning how to cook with what I grow, I just wish you had him on earlier. I joined a CSA this year and honestly didn’t know what to do with half the stuff we received.

  3. Thanks Jack….excellent guest. I ordered the cookbook since I love to cook and love to eat our harvest. Cleanup? Not so much. 😉

  4. Thanks for this Show! I had brain surgery and I have forgotten so much when it comes to cooking. I have been buying cookbooks like crazy, but they never cover this subject in this fashion. I am so excited that I am ordering the book when I finish this post. Jack ;you rock! We need more people like you to help the rest of us find our way back and special thanks to your guest for joining your ranks!

  5. Jack, I just want to say you give great interviews. I was thinking an interview once a month with a listener might be interesting.

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  7. RadioKrafter

    What a timely show topic and an interesting and informative guest! Thanks for your hard work bringing knowledgeable guests in the Podcast who have a breadth of experience to share. Always, quality above quantity.