Episode-517- Survival Podcast Call In Friday 9-24-10

It is Friday and time for another edition of “call in Friday” where I take your calls and comments on the air.  Today I have questions about food storage, credit, cold weather clothing, agricultural exemptionis, the free state project concept, using your preps and more.  If you would like to be on the show call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.

Join me today as we take your calls on…

  • Dealing with beavers cutting down your fruit tress (yes really)
  • Storing food in mason jars for dry storage vs. mylar
  • Options for clothing including cotton, wool, blends and dealing with cold and hot weather
  • Getting your land an agricultural exemption
  • Free State Project at the city/town/county level?
  • Do you need a credit rating in America today
  • Will I get a second BOL when we move to Arkansas
  • What do you do after opening large freeze dried amounts of food you can’t use quickly
  • Why is unemployment higher but more people are now buying houses
  • A young high school girl SCHOOLS the school!  FRICKEN AWESOME!!

Resources for today’s show…

Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.

26 Responses to Episode-517- Survival Podcast Call In Friday 9-24-10

  1. Beaver ideas:
    – Plant throw away trees closer to the beaver damn.
    – On the outside of the fence put down patio stones or pour concrete.

  2. Don’t forget, you can pull a vacuum on a Mason jar with a Foodsaver with the jar accesssory.

  3. Modern Survival

    @bullmeat, Yea I forgot about that. Unfortunately my foodsaver has crapped out.

  4. Beaver problem:
    Protecting trees from beavers is relatively easy you have to put metal wire mesh around the base of the tree for about 2 feet high and zip tie it closed. You want the mesh to be solid but not too tight around the tree wince it needs to grow.

    I’ll try to take a picture over the weekend and post it in the forums!

  5. Modern Survival

    @Matt_MG, good tip!

  6. Jack,
    As far as I can tell, that girl’s name is Erica Goldson on YouTube. And she’s on facebook under that name.
    I’ll drop her a message to see if its the same Erica Goldson and I’ll let you know.

  7. Quick update:
    It is the same lady.
    Looks like she has been busy giving interviews and traveling.
    I sent you stuff on facebook so you can check it out.
    Thanks Jack!

  8. I’ve been to well over 500 college and high school graduations and that may be the best speech ever.
    Original, concise and anti-establishment

    It’ frickin’ great

  9. Hi Jack, I’m a NH native who is a friend of the Free State Project. To answer your question, yes there are towns/cities that are favorably chosen by individuals who’ve made the move for freedom. this wasn’t planned as much as it just happened, naturally.

    An interesting result of this is that each area has developed its own flavor. Keene NH is a college town with a lot of civil disobediance, and Grafton NH is a rural area with a lot of homesteading types, for instance. (of course there’s some overlap)

    3 examples I know of have their own blog sites, but I know there are other areas in the state that have momentum (Portsmouth, Concord, Manchester, and the far north of the state):


  10. Modern Survival

    @HOC I messaged her on Youtube, may be I will hear back.

  11. I like Matt_MG’s idea 🙂 An alternative to the zip tie is the Flexi-Clamp ( full disclosure … I do sell these ) . The Flexi-Clamp is reusable, tough and can be connected together for larger diameter projects. As the tree grows you can just back off on the screw and give it room. Here is a link to a video on my blog:


  12. Interesting Times Mag can be found at http://interestingtimesmagazine.com/

    The issue with Jack is at the link below. Beware, the link points to a PDF that is 96 pages and 30+ mb in size. http://interestingtimesmagazine.com/archive/IT05.pdf

  13. Modern Survival

    @Kevin thanks for picking up my slack I will add links to the show notes.

  14. I heard about Erica Goldson on another favorite podcast of mine, it’s called SchoolSucksProject. He did a great interview with her a couple months ago, I highly recommend it!


  15. Modern Survival

    @Roman, thanks for that, downloading now and will listen while I go grab lunch.

  16. soccer grannie

    I never soak dried beans overnight or boil for an hour, let soak and finish cooking. All that does is shorten the cooking time b/c the beans absorb the water, swell and loosen the outer shell. I throw my dried beans, any variety, in cold water and cook them slow til done. I did soak beans overnight one time and the taste was not as good as starting with dried beans in cold water. A piece of fatback, salt pork, ham scraps/bone will also affect the way your beans taste. I salt the beans when they are almost done. I’m wondering how many others cook dried beans like I do.

  17. ICN, repackaged Infowars for a different audience.

  18. That young lady probably had to do some subterfuge to be able to give that speech. When my daughter gave her “senior address”–they wouldn’t call her valedictorian because that might make some students feel bad–she had to give the principal a copy of her prepared speech beforehand. He didn’t approve her first one and if she didn’t make one he did approve, they wouldn’t allow her to speak. That is a brave young woman!

  19. Roman beat me to the punch with the link to http://www.schoolsucksproject.com, one of my favorites as well. Brett’s whole series of podcasts is well worth hearing, if for nothing other than learning the true intentions of those who instituted compulsory schooling in America (here’s a hint, it ain’t ’cause they love you)… though there’s much more to be learned from it.

    Beware, his first dozen or so episodes are of worse audio quality than your old in-car sessions.

  20. I should add, I found your old ‘casts more than acceptable; indeed, the occasional outbursts at people driving stupidly were cool…

  21. Modern Survival

    @TheNorthernSurvivalist I completely disagree with that statement.

  22. On storing nuts, I have vacuum sealed them and have gotten nuts to stay good for a little more than a year. I have never gotten them to last longer than that without freezing them and with freezing i have pushed it to a full 2 years and probably a bit longer. The higher fat a nut is the quicker i have found them to go rancid, just my xp.

  23. Jack, check out the ‘other’ free state project on my response thread in the forum for this episode.


  24. http://thesurvivalpodcast.com/forum/index.php?topic=21334.0

    Here is the forum post with pictures I promised!

  25. Cotton Vs. Wool problem.
    I started wearing Merino wool. It’s thermal properties are awesome and it works really well wet. It doesnt seem to have the same feel/itch that most wools do.
    As for Under Armour, I was in the ‘Ghan and heard a rumour that the US army had banned their soldiers wearing it because when it exposed to extreme heat it melts to the skin. However nowdays im a fitness professional and simply couldn’t live without it. So its really purpose specific.
    Hope that helps

  26. Show slogan:

    Without JACK….you don’t know SHIT.