Episode-504- Call In Friday 9-3-10

It is call in Friday on TSP and today I have great questions on home security, plantings for your BOL, BOL selection, buying land and more.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • When is the best time of year to plant trees
  • What is circling and girdling root syndrome
  • What questions should you ask when buying property
  • How can you improve home security
  • What options are there to bug out if you don’t have a BOL
  • How does Britain manipulate the pound against the dollar and why
  • How to protect your electronics from solar storms
  • Why I choose diesel over gas vehicles
  • The facts and myths about S-510 (NO THIS DOES NOT effect your home garden)
  • Peter Schiff just called the next bust, most people won’t understand it (its too simple)

Resources for today’s show…

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6 Responses to Episode-504- Call In Friday 9-3-10

  1. I have to recommend a German Shepherd as well. I got a GSD puppy a year ago. We do not have any children but he has been around many children both familiar and strange. He will let children do anything to him but when he senses danger around me or my wife he will defend us like I have never seen. They are also very trainable but do need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. If I do not give him that he is a very unhappy dog.

  2. I’m bugged out on a bike going through the national forests, but it’s a test of physical endurance. You never get anywhere fast, and ice is a joke to keep your food cold. Go with MRE and Mountain House for cooking counties with burn bans. It’s frustrating not being able to make a cook fire without going to jail. Sometimes it may be getting dark after a long day of traveling and damn it, nothing but private land all around you and the reality of having to bike another 5-10 to make it to some dark bushes/trees roadside to stealth camp. Too add, the forest service cops will haul your ass to jail if you stay in one spot for longer than 14 days, and you don’t move, so no fantasy of building a cabin in the woods and living off the land. Be prepared to be mobile. Pretend it’s “The Road” and you need to hide from cannibals and survive.

  3. Regarding the eggs topic, I heard that in 5 years california will make it illegal to import eggs from small growers, most of which are the free range organic growers.
    Just another reason for me to get out of cali asap 🙂

  4. Modern Survival

    @hawaiian, You heard? From who? Verified by what? Not saying it isn’t true but the “I heard” with out verifying approach leads to a lot of the extreme sensationalism on the net.

  5. @jack I did the research and realize I miss interpreted the news story. California has put a ban on small CAGE egg farms and the law will go into effect in 2015 due to a bill sponsored by the humane society.

    Guess california got one right 🙂

  6. Regarding grounding strips on vehicles, they’re perfectly legal. They’re great in lightning storms, too, to avoid static charge in the vehicle.