Episode-493- Listener Feedback 8-16-10

It is Monday and I am back with another round of your feedback, suggestions, article and questions.  To send in feedback for a show like this one just email jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com and you might here your question or comment on the air.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Can you make money doing solar “farming” on cheap waste land
  • A real world account on the importance of back up documentation
  • Brought to us by GMO the glow in the dark pig and other wonderful ideas
  • When you build a solar system at home do you think beyond ROI and payback periods
  • Well you can relax the Swine Flu Level Six pandemic is over, IDIOTS!
  • Why do I say no credit cards vs. just don’t carry a balance
  • A new super bug arrives from India, oh wonderful!
  • Homemade pepper spray for garden pest repellent

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4 Responses to Episode-493- Listener Feedback 8-16-10

  1. One use for the wasteland would be aquaponics. Aquaponics can be done on concrete and doesn’t need viable land for growing. Initial water for filling the tanks could be trucked in and shading could be used to mitigate solar evaporation but you would need some way to keep the water level up. One site, http://www.friendlyaquaponics.com has a lot of great resources, they run a commercial aquaponics growing operation in Hawaii. They have a plan set for smaller set up that I’d love to try it but I’m just not in a position to start that kind of project.

  2. If the scientists kill all of the mosquitos then we kill the other insects and animals who feed on them. It will just be a chain reaction up the food chain ending with us. The consequences could be more devistating to our race than malaria or denge fever could ever do.

  3. I have a Visa Debit card from my bank that I earn miles for but everything comes right out of my checking account. Worth a look if someone doesn’t want a credit card but still earn rewards.

  4. I use a Debit card as a Credit Card (in name only) at the gas pumps, everything else I pretty much pay in cash. It makes a huge difference in what I buy knowing that I’ll be taking cash out of my wallet to buy it. Sometimes I wonder where all my cash went, but I can’t buy more stuff without the cash.

    Burger King (where I sometimes get $1.00 sandwiches) had a sign up the other day that their credit card machine was down and they were only accepting cash. I laughed out loud, poor suckers who only have credit.